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Star Wars RPG Moments Come To Life With Critical Injury & Hit Decks


Fantasy Flight has found a new way to make your Star Wars RPG play even more epic! Their 2 new Critical Hits and Injury Decks will allow players to see and feel the more serious moments of game play.

Explore the Force in a New Adventure Sourcebook for Force & Destiny


Fantasy Flight is bringing a new adventure sourcebook into the Star Wars RPG, Force And Destiny later this year. Chronicles of the Gatekeeper will take players on an adventure that takes them deep into learning the ways of the Force.

Beginner Friendly RPG For Aspiring Jedi From Fantasy Flight


Fantasy Flight Games has a new Star Wars RPG heading our way that is designed to assist new players into role playing games. Force And Destiny: Beginners Game, has shorted rules and pre-generated characters ready to go to help the novice Jedi out of the box and into a game.