Forge Of Destiny Builds Excitement With Minis, Renders And Print-And-Play

February 5, 2018 by thisisazrael

The team at New Destiny Games have been doing a great job of keeping Forge of Destiny followers updated with new painted mini shots, a full Print-And-Play version of the game and also some awesome new renders.

It’s great to see all the factions taking shape on the tabletop and I’m looking forward to seeing these all close up soon.

Forge of Destiny Painted Minis

If you can’t wait for the game to launch you can actually pick up a full Print-And-Play version of the game with all four starter armies.

Forge of Destiny Print And Play

Forge of Destiny’s rules will be available for free so if you’d like to get into the game you can register your email on the Forge of Destiny site to get all the details.

Forge of Destiny Print And Play

Earlier this year we also saw some rendered teases of walkers coming to the game.

Forge of Destiny Concepts

Pavel himself has spoken about how testing is being completed to ensure the walkers look great but are also robust and not prone to any leg breaks.

Forge of Destiny Concepts

We’re going to have some Let’s Plays for you on the site soon so you can see these guys in action.

Have you ever tried a Print-And-Play version of tabletop games?