New Sci-Fi Wargame, Forge Of Destiny Coming Soon

August 28, 2017 by brennon

A new Sci-Fi game is on the cards, Forge Of Destiny. With a few interesting mechanics in the mix, this might be one to take notice of when it comes to its funding platform in the near future.

Falcon Militia

Here’s some of the key information you need to know about the game…

  • We made it our aim to create a fast, aggressive game that encourages careful planning and is not too favourable towards reckless play
  • The game takes between thirty-five and fifty minutes for a session with the two-player starting set
  • The general rule set is approximately fifty pages long together with all appendices and is easy to learn and understand
  • The alternating activation system is used, which enables both players to enjoy the game simultaneously
  • Unit cards are used in many ways, including in activation sequences
  • Players use both d6 dice and regular playing cards for the purposes of game play. The mechanics of playing cards are not related to any used in existing games, such as Malifaux
  • Playing fields/tiles form an important part of the game with various biome-specific rules. For each game the field is laid out by the players semi-randomly, creating unique combinations of terrain features
  • Rules favour expansion of playing scale, however, small games are as easily played as larger conflicts
  • We invented several new mechanics for list building, unit upgrades and force organization. For example, there are no “point per unit/upgrades” values in FoD, and army composition is majorly reliant on chosen HQ units
  • The world is fresh and new and allows for endless development, inventions and interesting ideas
  • We intend to engage players into decision-making process related to the game’s world, and possibly even to design of miniatures

The aspect of this that really caught my attention was the way they’re going to use the tiles to lay out the gaming space beforehand. I like the idea of a randomised battlefield that has an elemental of tactical choice to it, like choosing where to put the hill when you’re playing your Historical games (or any game with cannons).

Forge Of Destiny Brakkan Hunters

The miniatures are also coming along nicely and have a unique feel to them in terms of the aesthetics they have picked. The Brakkan Hunters, for example, really are something new. I haven’t seen many Space Cats before!

There are a few more images you can check out over on their Facebook Page showing off vehicles and all manner of other troops for the various factions in the game.


They’ve even been doing a lot of the heavy lifting already with models being cast and ready to go. There are going to be four factions to choose from, each with metal armies to build.


Keep an eye on this one and let us know if you’d like to know more about Forge Of Destiny in the comments below.

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"I like the idea of a randomised battlefield that has an elemental of tactical choice to it, like choosing where to put the hill when you're playing your Historical games..."

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