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New Armies Muster For 15mm Ancient Warfare With Forged In Battle

175 days ago 10

Forged In Battle has now added to their 15mm Ancient range, War & Empire, with a whole host of new releases so you can muster an army to conquer the world.

Forged In Battle Rally Saxon Warriors For 15mm War & Empire

392 days ago 3

Forged In Battle have shown off some of the new Saxons coming your way for their 15mm War & Empire range.

Forged In Battle Roll Out New Platoons For The 8th Army & Afrika Corp

488 days ago 4

Forged In Battle have added some more platoons to both their 8th Army and Afrika Corp sections of their website.

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome

Weekender XLBS: Building Tanks, Hobby Rooms, Warbands & Legions Of Rome

590 days ago 108

Welcome to a relaxed Sunday
morning where we get stuck
into a whole bunch of new
miniatures that caught our
attention over the week
and talk Hobby Time too…

Forged In Battle Welcome The Dacian Hordes To War & Empire II

593 days ago 1

The Forged In Battle range grows with the Dacians being added to the armies available through their War & Empire II Kickstarter to bring out both the Legions of Rome and their enemies. See what you think of these previewed warriors here in 15mm…

Fight With The Legions Of Rome On New Forged In Battle Kickstarter

601 days ago 2

The Legions Of Rome are marching into Gaul and beyond with this new Kickstarter project by Forged In Battle and West Wind Productions. This historical arm of West Wind noted that everyone wanted to see Romans like they had in the movies on the tabletop and so here they are in 15mm!

The Mighty Armies Of Rome Go To War With Forged In Battle

618 days ago 5

Forged In Battle have some big plans for their Ancients range and this includes bringing the mighty forces to Rome to bear on the tabletop. With that in mind see what they had to say on the upcoming project below which will include a fundraiser on Kickstarter…

West Wind’s New Website & Forged In Battle Artillery

622 days ago 3

West Wind have shown off the look for their new website which will also feature some new download options for Secrets Of The Third Reich, Empire Of The Dead and more. It certainly looks like an improvement even from this early sneak peek…

Roll Out Big British Guns With Forged In Battle’s 15mm Range

662 days ago 4

Forged In Battles 15mm World War II range is added to this month with two big guns for you to use in battle. Both for the 8th army stuck out there in the desert we have a Field Gun and Artillery piece for blasting away defences…

Panther Tank from Forged in Battle

1848 days ago 5

Unboxing: John checks out another 15mm model from Forged in Battle. This time he checks out the German Panther Tank.

Skorzeny’s Panzer Brigade Rolls into West Wind

2016 days ago 4

West Wind Productions will be getting a set of new releases from the 15mm WWII Forged in Battle range.

Latest Forged in Battle Releases

2059 days ago 4

A whole host of new Forged in Battle releases are coming out this December for you to use in your 15mm renditions of WWII.

Forged in Battle New WWII Releases

2085 days ago 3

More Tanks, Vehicles and Infantry from Forged in Battle for your WWII Historical Gaming.

Forged in Battle… G-24 Marder IIIM

2323 days ago 6

More 15mm WW2 action from Forged in Battle… this time some G-14 half-tracks.

What’s In The Box: Tiger 1 | Forged in Battle

2618 days ago 0

John has a look at more 15mm German kit