DGS Games Releases More Surprises for Christmas

December 17, 2014 by stvitusdancern


This is an exciting time of the year for all of us who are into gaming. It has been a real joy watching all of the companies doing their play on Advent Calendars, with either art work that hints to things that may come in the future or actual releases for each day. Well DGS Games is no different and they have been releasing new products and another one for their games Freeblades.  Kuzaarik Explorer is another new miniature for the Kuzaarik faction. I am loving the winter detail on this miniature and I can see it being used in many different games besides Freeblades (Which I am in the middle of researching right now)


DGS Games describes him: Sometimes a path chosen, sometimes assigned by the Obligations Committee to atone for some minor crime, the life of an Explorer is rarely easy. They may walk the boundaries of Kuzaarik lands, delve into the Lost Cities to recover artifacts of value, or search for new veins of ore. The sheer cliffs they must traverse in their travels can be the least of their worries, for the fearsome Vekul will feast on an unwary Explorer.

Explorer 2

I believe this will make a wonderful stocking stuffer for any gamer or collector. I know I would be very happy if Santa Claus placed one in mine!

Do you think you could explore many uncharted adventures with this mini?