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Sea Going Ladies Join Your Crew For Freebooter’s Fate

24 days ago 8

Freebooter Miniatures has put together two more releases for November. Slithering through the sands to begin with we have Marshalla Silvie.

Sing A Siren Song With New Freebooter’s Fate Characters

32 days ago 1

Freebooter’s Fate welcomes some new characters to their tale of pirate adventures on the high seas.

The Colourful Canita Joins Your Crew In Freebooter’s Fate

91 days ago 4

Canita is another crew member joining the fight for the Amazons in the world of Freebooter’s Fate. See what you think of her, leaping into action.

Have Fun At Wolfgang’s Mortar School In Freebooter’s Fate

119 days ago 3

Freebooter Miniatures invite you to have some fun at the fair with a new scenario for Freebooter’s Fate, Wolfgang’s Mortar School.

Buzo The Goblin Goes Diving In Freebooter’s Fate

150 days ago 2

Freebooter’s Fate welcomes another wonderfully characterful Goblin to their range of pirates and miscreants. Here we have Buzo, a specialist for the Goblin Pirates.

Face The Keen Fencing Blade Of Alejandra In Freebooter’s Fate

229 days ago 2

A swashbuckling new addition to the Freebooter’s Fate range has arrived by the name of Alejandra. This lady is a specialist for the Imperial Armada and isn’t too afraid of running you through.

Weekender XLBS: Future Campaigns & The Market Grows

Weekender XLBS: Future Campaigns & The Market Grows

273 days ago 116

Freebooter’s Pirates Call On A Goblin & A Walrus

276 days ago 2

Freebooter Miniatures have called on the aid of some more miscreants and strange creatures to aid them in their battles on the high seas. First up we have the pesky looking Chico who fights for the Goblin Pirates…

New Swashbucklers Set Sail For Freebooter’s Fate

304 days ago 1

Freebooter Miniatures have two more characters ready to hit the deck and start swashbuckling for their piratical game. We have both Swallow and Tipo Duros with blades and flintlocks at the ready for some good old fashioned scuffling…

Control Creatures & Other Pirates With New Freebooter Characters

337 days ago 4

Freebooter Miniatures have shown off two new mercenary units that have been added to their roster of characters for Freebooter’s Fate. See what you think of Eugenie and Madame Gorgonne & Cesar. They both have very different ways of scrapping with the enemy…

Wild Warriors & Pigeon Shooting Snipers Arrive For Freebooter’s Fate

395 days ago 3

Freebooter Miniatures have shown off three new crewmen that you’ll be able to add to your various warbands in Freebooter’s Fate. Wild men, pigeon shooters and a strange shaman are all on the cards…

Freebooter Show Off Their Limited Edition Pirate Diorama

436 days ago 1

Freebooter Miniatures have shown off their newest Limited Edition Diorama which features Jebedia Bowyn and Victoria Innsfoot facing off against each other aboard the wreck of a pirate boat…

More Amazons Swing Into Action For Freebooter’s Fate

480 days ago 1

If you’re looking for crewmates that know the treacherous paths of the jungle islands you’re raiding in Freebooter’s Fate then look no further than these new Amazons, Chicomeh and Matqueh.

Deckhands & New Characters Jump Ship From Freebooters

521 days ago 2

Freebooter’s Fate have some more colourful characters for you to use in your games of piratical adventure. Not only are there new Asquerosos Fugosas but also the heroic Piccina and Sagitario…

Swashbucklers & Soup-Makers Come To Freebooter’s Fate

576 days ago 2

Three new models have signed up to join the various crews for Freebooter’s Fate. Jamon Borodino, Kasper Boulott and the rather strange and mystical Lillith are all sailing the high seas in search of adventure…