Freebooter Welcomes A Mystic Goblin & Surly Undertaker

October 14, 2014 by brennon

Freebooter Miniatures have added two more miniatures to their crop of releases that will be coming along to Essen this week. This time around it’s the Goblin Pirates’ Momma Fiara and the Pirate/Cult’s El Enterrador (Undertaker)…

Momma Fiara

El Enterrador

Once again some great looking miniatures from Freebooter that play on their ability to create characterful and original pieces. Momma Fiara is a perfect little tinkerer and I like that she has a neat range of potions on her base, with the additional monkey helper too!

El Enterrador is another cool piece with a flowing cloak and a tattered hat making him quite the shadowy character. For an undertaker that’s certainly a good look and I’m sure he buries most of the enemies of your crew along with a bit of treasure too. I’m sure he’s also a dab hand with that shovel in combat too!

Will they be joining your crew?

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