Guard The Talented Master Harlequina In Freebooter’s Fate!

May 3, 2014 by brennon

If you’re a fan of the ocean waves then dive into the world of Freebooter’s Fate where they have put up the Master Harlequina and Cazador Guard for sale on their website!

Master Harlequina

First up we have the aforementioned dancer in all her glory. She was a miniature that was shown off for the first time at Salute 2014, some of you might have seen her, and she is a brilliant sculpt as we’ve come to expect from Freebooter. I love the way she’s revealing her face, probably at the exact moment she brings that stave down on your head and knocks you out.

Cazador Guard #1

Cazador Guard #2

Next up are the two Cazador Guard with their fairly oversized weapons. I’m not entirely sure on these models although it might just be the fact that they are insanely brightly painted. I tend to like the duller tones myself so why this isn’t up my street maybe you’ll be able to look past the paint scheme and check out the miniatures beneath.

I think the second of the two with the helmet is certainly a neat contender but it’s not quite as cool looking as other Freebooter miniatures.

What do you think?

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