North Star Show Off New Soothsayer & Take A Look Inside New Book

May 17, 2016 by brennon

North Star have shown off another new miniature for Frostgrave that will be coming soon – The Soothsayer & Apprentice. As well as that the creator behind the game got a look inside the new book Into The Breeding Pits

Soothsayer & Apprentice

These miniatures are looking fantastic and I think, once again, we’re seeing this range come on leaps and bounds. I really like the additional layer of character they’ve dropped onto these models.

Into The Breeding Pit

As well as that we did get a look inside the book from Osprey Publishing thanks to the author. He showed off a few pages and talked about the new rules present.

Underground Adventures

Here’s a run down of what you can expect within these pages…

  • Underground Exploration – Traps, rules for playing in underground locations and how wandering monsters appear through new rules like tunnelling.
  • New Magic – Beastcrafter Magic allows you to summon up creatures to fight for you. Also new Reaction Spells come into play to add a new element to spellcasting.
  • New Soldiers – Tunnel Fighter and Trap Expert
  • Five New Scenarios
  • New Treasures
  • …and an expanded Bestiary

This is all sounding rather good!

Beastcrafter Magic

It’s great to see Frostgrave expanding like it is. They have been bringing out a steady stream of miniatures and support pieces over the past few months with big expansion book updates too.

Keep at it!

"These miniatures are looking fantastic and I think, once again, we're seeing this range come on leaps and bounds..."