North Star Tease Nickstarter Frostgrave Folio Miniature

January 24, 2017 by brennon

With another Nickstarter (pre-order service) around the corner for the Frostgrave Folio, North Star previewed one of the models that will become part of the collection.

Frostgrave Folio Miniature

Based on the artwork from the Folio, which will contain all manner of collected content, this shows off one of the Wizards as she’s ready to blast her opponent.

Frostgrave Folio

While it would have been cool to see her in that exact pose maybe it would have been too focused in its design, meaning that away from this particular vignette it wouldn’t have worked.

Osprey really has knocked the ball out of the park with Frostgrave and it continues to be supported well with work from McCullough and the community.

Will you be picking up the Folio?

"...this shows off one of the Wizards as she's ready to blast her opponent"