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Outtakes Volume 3

228 days ago 11

Well we couldn’t resist making another Outtakes video for you guys to feast your eyes on, we’ve had some excellent times over 2016 as you can see!

Outtakes – 2016 Edition

234 days ago 16

It’s been a busy year in the Studio and with that comes mistakes, inside jokes, gentle pokes at ourselves and general tomfoolery.

Salute 2016 - Outtakes

Salute 2016 – Outtakes

484 days ago 30

With the Salute 2016 Weekend over and our wallets decidedly emptier we’re going to be showing off some of the cherished memories from this year.

NEW Series – The Beasts Of ASMR

503 days ago 50

Sit back, relax, put on your headphones and enjoy the sweet delicious sounds from the studio.

Happy New Year 2015 – Outtakes

595 days ago 40

Sometimes recording don’t go quite as smoothly as we would have liked. With that in mind here’s a little reel of out-takes from the kind of weirdness that goes on while we’re filming particular shows.

Italian Modeller Makes R2-D2 Into A Death Dealing Machine!

679 days ago 16

It’s always fun to see what modellers can come up with when they let their imagination run wild. One such Italian modeller named Lemcat recently let his loose in the Star Wars universe and came up with a version of R2 unlike any that has gone before.

Holy Anniversary! Adam West and Burt Ward Return for Batman Movie

870 days ago 12

Adam West and Burt Ward, the stars of the classic 1960s Batman TV series, announced at last weekend’s Mad Monster Part in Charlotte that they would once again become the dynamic duo in a special 50th anniversary animated movie!

Fenris’ New Alien Kit Morphs Into Something Familiar

878 days ago 4

Fenris Games seem to be trying to hit all the nostalgia buttons with their latest resin kit, as they have combined two famous pop-culture figures. Flee in terror from the horrifying Xenomorph!

Need to Learn a New Langauge? Why Not Dothraki?

1170 days ago 14

Today I came across this piece of news over at the Escapist, and I found it so strange that I had to share it with you. Living Language have teamed up with HBO to produce a new course to help Game of Thrones fans learn to speak Dothraki.

Feast Your Eyes on 40KAmateurHour’s April Fools Battle Report!

1234 days ago 27

Happy April Fools everybody! Midst all the internet hoaxes and tongue in cheek news reports we came across what has to be the greatest battle report ever as the guys from YouTube channel 40KAmateurHour pay homage to your favourite website.

Are We Really in for a Bananaman Movie?

1248 days ago 13

Who is England’s greatest super-hero? Some might say Captain Britain. Some might say Union Jack. Some might say John Constantine, and they’d be right! However, a close second has to be Dandy’s Bananaman, who could be headed to cinemas come 2015!

Spongebob Watchmen Mash-Up?

1275 days ago 7

Surely a mash up between Spongebob Squarepants and The Watchmen shouldn’t work but strangely my mind accepts it with ease…

Rapper Ice T Lends His Voice to D&D

1287 days ago 6

Rapper and actor Ice T is apparently a well known gamer, but now he has met his match as he describes recording a Dungeons and Dragons Audiobook as being “impossible to read”.

When There’s Something Strange With Your Lego, Who Ya Guna Call?

1294 days ago 13

Lego Cuusoo allows fans of the ever popular brick building toys to submit their designs for possible release as a regular Lego set. To celebrate 30 years of one of our favorite movies, one fan made set is going into production. Who ya gunna call?

Winter is Coming in the Next Captain America Film

Winter is Coming in the Next Captain America Film

1392 days ago 14

A trailer for the next instalment in the
Avengers film franchise has just
surfaced in which we see
Captain America facing
the challlenges of being
a man out of his time.