Go Fry Some Aliens In Galaxy Defenders!

May 2, 2013 by brennon

Galaxy Defenders is an exceptionally cool looking Kickstarter from Ares Games where your agents have to face off against the deadly Alien hordes intent on invading…

Galaxy Defender #1

Galaxy Defender #2

Galaxy Defenders is a cooperative tactical board game, inspired by the classical Sci-Fi movies and video games of the ’80s and ’90s.

In Galaxy Defenders up to five players fight together – each taking control of one or more agents with unique powers – to defend the planet from an alien invasion. The Aliens are controlled by a sophisticated, card-driven artificial intelligence system. The battle for Earth against the aliens develops in a series of missions organized in a story-driven campaign.”

Galaxy Defender Preview

It’s certainly looking like a neat game and as you can see above the gameplay seems fun too (I enjoyed the sound effects too!). The game has already passed the $90,000 mark and it looks to be climbing with nineteen days still to go.

Galaxy Defenders - Iron

Galaxy Defenders - Silver

Galaxy Defenders - Xeno Hunter

Galaxy Defenders - Xenos

There’s also a selection of Kickstarter exclusives that echo the 80′s and 90′s feel of the game. What’s good to note is that the miniatures all come pre-assembled and ready to play with right out of the box. Of course that doesn’t stop you painting them if you feel like it!

With the success of the video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which is also a throw back to the Sci-Fi of the late 1900′s it’s easy to see why Galaxy Defenders has garnered such a response.

What do you think of Galaxy Defenders?