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Make Your Rolls Epic With Fine Crafted Monster Dice On Kickstarter


If you’re looking to add some character and style to your dice rolls, you need to check out the Monster Dice: The Exquisite Collection Metal Crafts Kickstarter. Now you can add beautiful, fine quality poly monster dice to your gaming and take your DM-ing to the next level.

DUST USA Commissions DUST 1947 APP


DUST USA has helped the player out with list and army building by creating an awesome app!

Take Your RPG To The Next Level With TABLEWAR’s G.E.O. Mats


TABLEWAR is back on Kickstarter with a great way to instantly transform your role-playing experience. The G.E.O Mats kickstarter features a revolutionary transparent surface with a grid printed on it, so you can game right on top of your F.A.T. Mats!

High-End Acrylic Command Board For Infinity Now On Kickstarter


Looking to help organize your tokens for Infinity? This just might be the answer.

Stage The Perfect Setting With Adventure Realm RPG Tiles


Red Dragon Gaming is back on Kickstarter with a followup to their successful RPG tiles Kickstarter with even more options to drop you right into your story.

The Perfect Lucky Dice Match With The Mighty Dice & The Bone Box


If you’re on the market for lucky dice (and who isn’t?), then be sure to check out the Mighty Dice & The Bone Box Kickstarter from Dog Miight Games.

3DG Announces ModCube 2.0 Is Headed To Kickstarter Soon


3DG has been quietly been working away on a revamped ModCube, and it’s pretty awesome. ModCube 2.0 will be heading to Kickstarter soon with their streamlined, easier to modify token solution!

Hobby Hoard A Monthly Miniature Supply Subscription Coming Soon!


There is a new subscription service coming soon that will help you get through that mountain of unfinished projects.

Cosy Dice Helps Harness The Force For Star Wars Destiny


Cosy Dice is making it easier than ever to keep control of your Rebel or Empire forces for Star Wars Destiny with an awesome foam lined organizer. Hurry over to Cosy Dice Friday and Saturday to get yours as they’re bound to go fast!

Every DM Should Have These Kickstarter Monster Dice Boxes


The role of the DM has just gained another tool to bring even more character into the game. The Monster Dice Boxes Kickstarter brings monster themed dice storage and rolling trays to the table and looks pretty awesome while they’re at it!