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Grab A Suede Bag Of Holding From The Dice Bags Kickstarter

14 days ago 1

Now you can grab a suede Bag of Holding on Kickstarter in the Dice Bags: Uber Custom Designs project. This may just be the perfect gift for your gamer friend who has everything (ok and maybe for yourself too).

New Malifaux Deployment Mats From Deep-Cut Studio

23 days ago 3

Now you can set the perfect scene for your Malifaux game with the added convenience of easily identifiable deployment zones with the new playmats from Deep-Cut Studio.

Gorgeous Scrolls From Elderwood Academy On Kickstarter

29 days ago 8

Elderwood Academy has done it again and brought another stunning project out on Kickstarter. Their Scroll and Codex: Dice Tower and Rolling Tray project has absolutely beautiful.

Channel Odin’s Favor With Triple Ace Games’ Viking Dice Kickstarter

59 days ago 2

How better to capture the look and feel of the Vikings on the table than by some fantastic themed dice? Triple Ace Games’ Polyhedral Dice Sets: Seven Vikings Set is live on Kickstarter now and ready to help you seek Odin’s favor.

Fancy Up Your Wooden Game Tokens With The Tinker Bits Kickstarter

86 days ago 2

Sometimes it’s just nice to upgrade your board game tokens, and Tinker Bits has just the ticket! The Tinker Bits: Steampunk Metal Meeples project on Kickstarter has a great little collection of varied finish metal meeples to fancy things up.

Draw Lab Has The Coolest Dice Thrower You Never Knew You Needed

98 days ago 7

Drawlab has a game accessory that you never knew you needed out on Kickstarter right now! Their Legendary Dice Throwers feature beautiful and functional dice throwers for their clever twist on a dice tower.

Warsenal Gets Ready For Red Veil Launch With Runihura Bases

99 days ago 6

Are you looking forward to the new Infinity set coming out? So is Warsenal, which is why they are so excited to announce their new Runihura Haqqislam-themed acrylic bases- just what you need to really bring your new minis to life!

Deep-Cut Studio Goes Alien With New Release

105 days ago 1

Deep-Cut Studio has released a new gaming mat for all of you gamers out there that like their worlds masty and alien like.

Heads Up Scale 75 Shows Off Some New Releases

108 days ago 3

Scale 75 has some really nice options for detailing your 1/35 scale miniatures and some paints to complete your project.

Wolsung SSG Hero Creator App Goes Live

112 days ago 4

Micro Art Studio has released the beta version of their Hero Creator App, come check it out for yourself.

The Duchess Gaming Table Breaks $1 Million Dollar Mark On Kickstarter!

119 days ago 3

I reported on this Kickstarter campaign when it first launched a couple of weeks back. A nice real wood recessed gaming table that can double as your dining room table for a very reasonable price.

Making Counting Damage Dice Easy With The Damage Type Dice Kickstater

142 days ago Comments Off

Uber Dungeon has come out with some great looking damage dice that not only look nice, but offer the ability to roll lots of dice and easily identify which is which. The Damage Dice Kickstarter is live now with loads of d6 to add to your collection.

Artisan Dice Have Done It Again!

175 days ago 23

Atrisan Dice continue to produce some of the most amazing dice out of some of the rarest materials on the planet!

Fantastic Summoner Dice Kickstarter From ClockWise Studios

218 days ago 3

Looking for some creative fantasy dice to represent your favorite creatures? The Six Sided Summoner: A Clockwise Dice Project on Kickstarter has just the thing with dice representing four of your fantasy creatures.

Custom Templates Unlocked For Tiles Of Adventuring

226 days ago 2

Impudent Mortal has unlocked a clever stretch goal, as asked for by their backers- templates! The Tiles of Adventuring: Tabletop Grid System has unlocked templates for Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, that can be added onto your pledge to further customize your game.