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Cosy Dice Helps Harness The Force For Star Wars Destiny

55 days ago 7

Cosy Dice is making it easier than ever to keep control of your Rebel or Empire forces for Star Wars Destiny with an awesome foam lined organizer. Hurry over to Cosy Dice Friday and Saturday to get yours as they’re bound to go fast!

Every DM Should Have These Kickstarter Monster Dice Boxes

64 days ago 3

The role of the DM has just gained another tool to bring even more character into the game. The Monster Dice Boxes Kickstarter brings monster themed dice storage and rolling trays to the table and looks pretty awesome while they’re at it!

Carry The Story With You With The Adventurer’s Kit Kickstarter

67 days ago 4

Dawn takes a look at the Adventurer’s Kit, currently available on Kickstarter from Tabletop Artisans with just one weekend left!

Tabletop Artisans Have Built The Ultimate Adventurers Kit

84 days ago 2

The DM isn’t the only one that can show up to the RPG organized and in style! Tabletop Artisans are on Kickstarter right now (and funded!) with The Adventurer’s Kit, a beautifully crafted organizer/transport/dice tray for your RPG goods.

Add Some Wild West Grit To Your Game With Six Shooters Dice

88 days ago 2

How better to get the point across with your dice rolls in the West than with Six Shooter- Western Themed Dice? That’s exactly what Black Oak Workshop thought, which is why they’re on Kickstarter with this fun little extra for your game.

Use Modern Technology To Help Monitor Your Warbands For Frostgrave

111 days ago 4

Frostgrave moves into the modern age with help from Table Top Space with their warband creator.

A-CASE+ Miniature Wargaming Carrying/Display Case

Transporting Miniatures In The Versatile Storage Of The A-Case+ – On Kickstarter Now!

131 days ago 20

Summon The Great Cthulhu With The Elder Dice Kickstarter

146 days ago 1

How better to envoke the assistance of the Great Cthulhu than with your own Lovecraftian themed dice? The Elder Dice Kickstarter is live and funded, and ready to bring the perfect dice to your collection in a fantastic, themed tome.

Magnetise Your Minis & Transport Them With Ease With The A-Case+

147 days ago 3

Have you been looking for a better way to safely transport your minis while not locking yourself into game/size specific limits? The A-Case+ Kickstarter has the perfect solution with their sturdy/lightweight shelving bags that keep your minis safe and secure by using magnets.

Keep Track Of Your Deadzone Effects With The Custom ModCube Set

161 days ago 4

ModCube has just added a set of tokens to make the Deadzone folks really excited! These futuristic cubes not only Command cube options, but provide Equipment Crates complete with Loot Tokens!

Apocalyptic Upgrades: VIRAL OUTBREAK Returns To Kickstarter

169 days ago 4

Not-So-Bored Games is back on Kickstarter to bring their miniatures to life.

RAINN Studios Announce Upcoming Elder Dice Kickstarter

176 days ago 7

All supporters of the Great Cthulhu should be very excited to hear of the upcoming Elder Dice Kickstarter from RAINN Studios. These lovely, collectible dice will be the perfect addition to any Lovecraftian collection and look great on the table.

Let The Dice Decide With D12 Trap Dice KS From Uber Dungeon

193 days ago 1

Why not let the dice decide the fate of your adventurers? DM’s will love the D12 Trap Dice from Uber Dungeon on Kickstarter right now.

Beautiful Dice Coins Kickstarter From Ultimate Custom Coins

225 days ago 10

There’s a clever new way to determine the results in gaming. You can spin for the result with the latest gorgeous, full color art Dice Coins 2 Kickstarter from Ultimate Custom Coins.

Trim Your Tree Gamer Style With D20 Lights From Think Geek

232 days ago 4

Think Geek has found the perfect way to capture the spirit of Christmas with your passion for gaming with their new D20 String Lights. Deck the halls gamer style!