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Broken Egg Games Adds Heavy Metal To Game of Thrones LCG

596 days ago 3

Game accessory maker Broken Egg Games, has added some very nice metal coins to be used in the Game of Thrones: LCG.

Keep The King’s Peace With A New Chapter Pack For Game of Thrones

639 days ago 2

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the third chapter pack in the Westeros cycle for The Game of Thrones Card Game. Add to some of your favorite houses or venture out to explore a new loyalty to the House Frey.

New House of Talons Chapter Pack For the Game of Thrones TCG

771 days ago 0

Fantasy Flight has released the newest chapter pack for the Game of Thrones TCG, House of Talons. This brings new faces and strengths to add to your houses to keep the game changing.

Must Have Game of Thrones Coins On Kickstarter

776 days ago 5

Now you can grab Game of Thrones Coins on Kickstarter! Fans can use these clever coins to represent tokens in games or for as fantastic collectors pieces to represent the houses that you love (or love to hate!).

Thought Monopoly Was Cut Throat? Try the Game of Thrones Version!

829 days ago 6

That’s right people, the board game responsible for more family fall outs than… well Game of Thrones, is getting a new Westeros variant as players vie for the Iron Throne through tricks and trade.

Are Litko Bringing Counters to Game of Thrones?

843 days ago 0

Litko have published a picture on their Facebook of some new counters that feature some very familiar designs. Are Litko joining in on the Game of Thrones?

Telltale Release Their New Game Of Thrones Story Game!

906 days ago 4

Telltale Games are back to their storytelling best with another game in their library this time based on Game of Thrones. See what you think of it and hopefully you’ll give it a go yourself!