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BOW Tips: Captain Tyco In Profile | Seven Days of Sanguinius


The guys have a close look at Captain Tyco for the Blood Angels.

BOW Tips: Commander Dante In Profile | Seven Days of Sanguinius


The guys discuss Blood Angels Chapter Master Dante.

BOW Tips: Gabriel Seth In Profile | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell have a look at Gabriel Seth from the new Blood Angels codex.

BOW Tips: Blood Angel Psykers and Abilities | Seven Days of Sanguinius


The guys discuss Blood Angel Psykers and their abilities.

BOW Tips: Blood Angel Fast Tanks | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell talk about the Blood Angels and their Fast Tanks.

BOW Tips: Sanguinary Priests | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell have a chat over the Sanguinary Priests

Astorath the Grim in Profile | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Darrell and Warren talk over Astorath the Grim.

BOW Tips: Death Company | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell have a look at how Death Company work.

Blood Angel Dreadnoughts | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell have a good long look over the Blood Angel Dreadnoughts

Red Thirst Special Rule | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell show you guys the ins and outs of the Red Thirst Special Rule.

Baal’s Can’t Shoot Forward! | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell have a chat about the Baal Predator Tank

Descent of Angels Special Rule | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell talk you through the Decent of Angels Special Rule

Tau Battlesuit Weapon Systems | Daily Tips


Darrell chats about the weapons systems on Tau Battlesuits, more specifically about how many weapons you can take and points out that Twin-linked weapons use two slots.

Let’s talks about model characteristics in Warhammer Fantasy


Darrell, alone once again tackles some Warhammer Fantasy. In this one he talks about model Characteristics and just what they do during a game. Mainly talking about what tests require what part of the Stat Line and how they effect that model or unit during the game.

Turbo Boosting in the Scout Move – Do you get a cover?


Here’s a little question that has been popping up from time to time. Is it cheeky to ask for a cover save when you Turbo Boost Scouts in there Scout Move? Well Darrell thinks it is, what about you guys what do you say!

Cheesy Monolith Shooting


Has Darrell found a cheesy loop hole for firing the Monolith Particle Whip when deep striking, what do you think, is this Blue Stilton or just a mild Cheddar?

Stop and Drop! Is Going to Ground worth it in 40K


Darrell talks a bit about Going to Ground in 40k. Be a punch-in player, if it looks like your going to lose a unit don’t just lift them off the table play the odds and lie there asses down. I can’t stress enough how annoying I find playing someone who just gives up and doesn’t [...]

Fighting creepy almost dead guys in boxes, yes Dreadnoughts


Dreadnoughts might be thousands of years old but they are no old age pensioner when it comes to a fight and a close combat Dreadnought is a heavy metal Bruce Lee. So Darrell has a wee talk about what to watch out for when going toe to toe with them. Me I think Dreadnoughts are [...]

When Tank Shocking who should you run over first?


So your fancy tank has no guns left! It’s time to put the foot to the floor and start Tank Shocking. But who should you run over first, humm I wonder what Darrell thinks? Knowing him I’d say he’d look for a soft target something like a kitten maybe. Yes of course a possessed Chaos [...]

Get away from nasty beasties by hiding up some stairs in 40K


Did you know you can be a little sneaky and hide units from beasts by putting them up a floor in a building. Yes it turns out beasts can’t go up stairs, sounds silly but there you go. So if a unit is not on the ground floor they can not be assaulted by beasts [...]