GameCraft’s Ultra Modern World Terrain Gets A New Tower

December 11, 2014 by brennon

GameCraft Miniatures have another building in their Ultra Modern range that would be great for all those small scale skirmish games out there. See what you think of their Double Tower

Double Sci-Fi Building

Double Sci-Fi Building (Alt)

Double Sci-Fi Building (Scale)

Once again a rather smart looking building that would be great as a centrepiece in the middle of your board. I think this would be great to have as something that one army is trying to defend while another attacks it. You could have some infantry set up on the middle section of the room and add some sandbags and defences around the lower level too.

I like the sleek design of it as well, and there is plenty of room to work on those windows using some of that clear plastic that we talked about with the last building.

What do you think?