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Get Bestial & Brutal With The New Beastclaw Raider Ogors For Age Of Sigmar

18 hours ago 22

The Ogors are next up for an update from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar. They are back with a vengeance from the icy north as the Beastclaw Raiders.

40K Charted: Tau Empire – Part Three

6 days ago 7

We’re back for Part Three of our look at the Tau Empire in Warhammer 40,000. In this episode of 40k Charted we delve into the discussion on The Empire Vs The Imperium and in particular the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

New Start Collecting & Basing Sets Available For Age Of Sigmar

8 days ago 27

The new Start Collecting Sets and the Bases/Basing Kits are now available allowing you to get stuck into Age of Sigmar that little bit quicker.

New Start Collecting Sets & Base Kits Coming To Age Of Sigmar

12 days ago 18

Games Workshop have new plans for the Start Collecting range in Age of Sigmar and Basing Sets too.

New Blood Bowl & Adeptus Titanicus Sneak Peeks Pop Up From Forge World Open Day

13 days ago 18

Drawing from the Battle Bunnies Blog which were at the Forge World Open Day this past weekend we got a look at some neat new previews of what’s on the cards.

The Season Of War Has Begun For The Age Of Sigmar Summer Campaign

14 days ago 4

Games Workshop have got the new Season Of War campaign for Age of Sigmar underway and the battle has begun for the great cities situated within the Realm of Life.

Savage Orruks & New Options For Getting Started Appear For Age Of Sigmar

15 days ago 33

A whole horde of different Savage Orruks are coming to the tabletop in a reboxed fashion as well as heroes and more for you to get Started in Age of Sigmar too.

Shar’tor The Executioner Starts Slaughtering In Age Of Sigmar

16 days ago 15

This previously event only miniature is now available from Forge World for their Age of Sigmar Character Series. Meet the mighty Bull Centaur Shar’tor The Executioner…

Call Of The Beastmen Expansion Coming To Warhammer: Total War

16 days ago 14

The team at Creative Assembly have a big new chunk of DLC coming to Total War: Warhammer this month on the 28th July. The Beastmen are appearing from their woodland haunts.

Savage Orruks & New Sets For Age Of Sigmar This Weekend [Updated]

19 days ago 14

Popping up online this week we’re seeing the leaks from the upcoming White Dwarf which detail a horde of interesting models on the way…Savage Orruks!

40K Charted: Tau Empire – Part Two

20 days ago 11

We’re back for Part Two of our look at the Tau Empire in the world of Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop. Our attention this time turns to their Caste structure and the tactics the Tau use in battle.

Weekender XLBS: GW's Improved Release Style & Do We Need 80's Style Minis?

Weekender XLBS: GW’s Improved Release Style & Do We Need 80′s Style Minis?

21 days ago 83

We get stuck into a big discussion on the future
of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000
and plenty of Hobby Time too!

GW Start Off Your Heresy Era Army With Space Marine Re-Releases

22 days ago 34

Games Workshop have now re-boxed the models that were available within the Betrayal At Calth boxed set which took you back to the Horus Heresy in plastic form.

A Closer Look At The Age Of Sigmar Slyvaneth With James Hewitt

25 days ago 5

James Hewitt, old friend of Beasts Of War, sits down to talk about what to look forward to within the new Sylvaneth Battletome. More of these videos please!

Learn To Paint The Age Of Sigmar Sylvaneth With Games Workshop

26 days ago 14

Games Workshop have sat Duncan Rhodes down to paint up three model kits from the Sylvaneth range for Age of Sigmar.