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Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

3 hours ago 19

We’re talking about Age Of Sigmar and those new
Judicators and don’t forget to see if you were
the winner of Journey: Wrath Of Demons

Warhammer Quest Is Back With The Adventure Card Game

14 hours ago 24

Warhammer Quest is back from Fantasy Flight Games with the Adventure Card Game. You can find out more about the game below and in the video above!

Forge World Kit Out The Pre-Heresy White Scars

21 hours ago 11

Forge World have added some new kits to their growing array of Horus Heresy releases this time focused on the White Scars. You can now get a few different variants on Heads, Shoulder Pads and Torsos for your wild rider types tearing around on Bikes and Jetbikes…

Total War: Warhammer - Black Fire Pass Developer Walkthrough

Total War: Warhammer – Battle of Black Fire Pass Developer Walkthrough

2 days ago 33

See what you think of this full
playthrough of the Battle of Black
Fire Pass from Creative Assembly
for their new game, Total War:

We’re getting very excited
about this one!

New Terrain Coming This Week For Age Of Sigmar

3 days ago 23

Some new terrain is coming for Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. These two new pieces are the Numinous Occulum and Dragonfate Dais. While they are presented here among other leaks from the new White Dwarf HERE (thanks to Tabled Podcast) they have also been shown off in some stores so, here they are…

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint The Baleful Realmgate

5 days ago 17

Duncan Rhodes is back doing something a bit different for Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop this time. The newest video focuses on painting the Baleful Realmgate which is one of their new terrain pieces.

New Horus Heresy Plastic Sprues Spotted Online

5 days ago 75

It looks like the Horus Heresy is going to be a lot easier to get into soon with news from The Waaaagh Studios that there are going to be plastic sets of Space Marines from this era available soon. You can see some of the sprues they’ve got pictures of them within…

Rain Down Lightning With Stormcast Judicators For Age Of Sigmar

7 days ago 87

The Judicators are finally here for Age of Sigmar and Games Workshop has once again split the community when it comes to whether or not these units are loved or hated. See what you think of these bow-wielding Stormcast Eternal below and let us know your thoughts…

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

Weekender: DreadBall Season 5 & Gen Con Next Week!

7 days ago 111

We’ve got loads for you this
weekend including a
deeper look at
DreadBall AND
preparations for
Gen Con 2015!

The Crimson Apostle & Invictarus Suzerains New From Forge World

8 days ago 21

Forge World have two new sets of models for you today on both sides of the Horus Heresy conflict. The first is Zardu Layak & The Anakatis Kul Blade-Slaves with the second being the Ultramarine Invictarus Suzerain Squad facing off against them. Boiling blood and hate versus pride and honour…

Vermintide DevBlog Makes Skaven Slaying Look Fun!

8 days ago 6

Keeping with the theme of video games we’ve got a great DevBlog from Fatshark on Vermintide which shows off a lot more of the gameplay for the Empire Soldier, Dwarf Ranger and Elf Waywatcher in the game.

VLOG: Expanding the Tau Empire

9 days ago 52

You may have seen our project blogs and wondered about our regular classic vlogs! Well, not to worry as we’re still keeping them coming. In this one we look into how we can expand our Warhammer 40,000 Tau army…how about apes, from SPAAAACE!

Warhammer: Arcane Magic

Q&A Time! Talking Warhammer: Arcane Magic With Turbo Tape Games

10 days ago 13

We got a chance to have a chart with Fredrik of Turbo Tape Games to discuss their upcoming game set within the Warhammer Fantasy universe by Games Workshop; Warhammer: Arcane Magic!

Khornate Warriors & Daemons To Take Over Age Of Sigmar In August

12 days ago 23

Rumours online point to August being the month of Chaos for the new Age of Sigmar Warhammer line-up by Games Workshop. Even though these are ‘rumours’ it’s also pretty common sense when you think about it. With the Stormcast taking over July it’s practically written in stone (with blood?) that Chaos would follow…

Awesome New Terrain & Stormcast Coming To Age Of Sigmar

14 days ago 42

Games Workshop are continuing to support the Stormcast Eternals of Age of Sigmar with the release of the Lord-Castellant plus two new plastic terrain sets with both the Ophidian Archway and Baleful Realmgate hitting the tabletop…