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New Bloodthirsters Come In Threes For Warhammer End Times!

2 days ago 49

Big red monsters come striding out of the North for the next addition to The End Times for Warhammer Fantasy. Check out the new Bloodthirsters, new units and of course the new book!

Forge World’s Mighty Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought Now Available

2 days ago 11

Forge World have now put forth another of their Horus Heresy Weekender models for pre-order. See what you make of the Word Bearers Tainted Dreadnought, Mhara Gal…

Dark Nexus Video Game To Put The MOBA In Warhammer 40,000

4 days ago 8

If you like MOBA games then you might be interested in the news that you will soon be able to play as a variety of Warhammer 40,000 characters in Dark Nexus Arena. See what you make of the news we have so far…

Black Library Detail The Warhammer End Times In A Week Of Short Stories

5 days ago 2

Which story will you be following along with as Black Library put together a series of short stories for this week of End Times! Maybe you’ll read all of them?

Latest Warhammer End Times Teaser & Starter Set Details Leak Out?

5 days ago 46

More End Times excitement has risen up following a new teaser trailer by Games Workshop and we’re hearing rumblings of a new Starter Set for the next Edition already. Does it sound legitimate to you?

Masked Death & Shadowy Seers Arrive For Warhammer 40,000

8 days ago 43

See what you think of both the Death Jester and Shadowseer coming your way for Warhammer 40,000. Are these going to be your heroes of choice?

Pre-Order the Mighty Fire Power of Forge World’s Stormhammer!

9 days ago 21

Forge World have a new tank that they are now putting out for pre-order, an armoured vehicle with enough fire power to make Khorne say “woh, that’s a bit overkill.” Behold the mighty Solar Auxilia Stormhammer!

Space Hulk FPS Deathwing Gets New Trailer Full Of Combat

13 days ago 30

Another trailer has popped up for Space Hulk Deathwing, the new video game which sees you playing as the eponymous Terminators going up against Genestealers in waves upon waves of clawed death. Sounds like a good FPS even if the trailer isn’t great!

New Harlequin Weavers & Codex Hit The Web For Warhammer 40k!

16 days ago 8

Games Workshop hit the stars once more with some additions to the Harlequins AND the rules in the form of a new Codex!

The End Times Strike The First Ever Games Workshop Store!

16 days ago 21

The first Games Workshop store is being demolished down in London and rather aptly this also marks the 40th anniversary of the company! The fall of an old store and the re-opening of Warhammer World this year. It really is the End Times!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint An Ultramarine!

17 days ago 10

Games Workshop’s Duncan Rhodes takes us through not one but two ways of painting the armour of the Ultramarines as well as giving us a whole bunch of awesome tips to use on other miniatures too!

New Craft & Revamped HQ Choices For The Harlequins Of Warhammer 40k

18 days ago 23

The Harlequins aren’t relenting when it comes to new releases it seems. As well as the new Starweaver craft they have some alternative sculpts on the way for the other various HQ choices!

The Gods Are Fickle! Archaon’s End Times Book Opens Early

18 days ago 19

Keep an eye on Archaon as his book of the End Times has leaked out all over the internet over the past few days. See what you think of some of the pages within…

Fight The Siege Of Vraks With New Forge World Imperial Armour Book

19 days ago 5

Fight a long and deadly fight on Vraks as massive armies clash for this new Imperial Armour book by Forge World. It’s quite the conflict!

Khorne Takes Over As The Next Warhammer End Times Book Approaches

20 days ago 27

The Everchosen rides South for the End Times of Warhammer Fantasy and he brings with him a new Bloodthirster and some new units that will no doubt cause some pain on the battlefield too.