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Recreating Mad Max Vehicles In LEGO

Recreating Those Mad Max Vehicles? Try Them In LEGO & More!

2 days ago 17

Want to rebuild those awesome vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road? How about checking out this work one man has done with LEGO and then see what else we suggest for giving it a go!

40k Space Marine Upgrade Sprues Sighted Plus New Assault Marines

2 days ago 53

It seems like the Space Marines of Warhammer 40,000 will be getting their upgrade this weekend as a whole bunch of images appeared from the upcoming issue of White Dwarf from Games Workshop.

Curse Of The Phoenix Crown Caps Off Black Library Time of Legends Series

3 days ago 1

Finally, after a huge wait, the Curse of the Phoenix Crown is out from Black Library.

New Space Marine Codex Up Next For Warhammer 40,000?

4 days ago 68

It looks like the next big Codex and set of releases from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000 will be the Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes as they’ll most likely be known…

Forge World Releases Their Own Set Of Airbrush Paints

5 days ago 45

Forge World has thrown their hat into the paint ring and have released a new set of airbrush paints.

New Games Workshop Pre-Orders For The Cult Mechanicus Are Up!

7 days ago 60

The new pre-orders are in for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 where the Adeptus Mechanicus are getting some more upgrades in the form of a new Cult Mechanicus Codex, a Deluxe Version of it, the new Tech Priest Dominus and a squad of either Fulgurite Electro-Priests or Corpuscarii Electro-Priests…

Games Workshop’s Dark Future Getting A Digital Reboot

9 days ago 14

It looks like Games Workshop have been looking for someone to revive their old properties once again with Auroch Digital picking up the reigns of Dark Future with their new game called Blood Red States.

Weekender XLBS: The DUST Debacle & 40k Tournament Organisation

Weekender XLBS: The DUST Debacle & 40k Tournament Organisation

14 days ago 144

Welcome to The Weekender XLBS where
its time for a bacon sandwich and
a cup of tea as we relax with you
and talk through some more
tabletop gaming awesomeness
from this week.

Take A Peek At The New Forge World Stuff At Warhammer World

14 days ago 36

Mighty Primarchs, loyal Captains, huge Knights and a massive Titan are all part of the fun at Warhammer World this weekend.

Games Workshop’s New Breacher & Destroyer Battle Servitors

14 days ago 17

Games Workshop have put together another bundle of Adeptus Mechanicus Pre-Orders including the new Cult Mechanicus Codex and the Kataphron Battle Servitors.

Check Out Primarchs & Titans Coming To Warhammer World Tomorrow

15 days ago 14

Forge World have offered us some glimpses of what’s going to be on offer from them tomorrow at the Warhammer World Grand Re-Opening.

More Mechanicus This Week & New Command Tanks For Space Marines

17 days ago 25

See how both the Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus are getting kitted out by Games Workshop and Forge World this weekend at the Warhammer World Open Day.

Unboxing: Forge World Event Exclusive Miniatures

17 days ago 12

@deaddave has once more delved into his vast collection of Forge World goodies and this time he’s showing off a trio of miniatures that are only available at events.

Forge World Gives Us A Glimpse Inside Horus Heresy Tempest

17 days ago 18

Forge World have given us a glimpse inside Horus Heresy Book Five: Tempest via their Visual Feed and it’s looking superb as another chapter in the ever expanding series.

Game Hacks: 40k Death Battles In The Pit Of Champions!

Game Hacks: 40k Death Battles In The Pit Of Champions!

18 days ago 6

“My character is better than
your character!”

Well, let’s see if we can settle
that score in Game Hacks
where we help you come up
with some rules for pitting
the heroes of Warhammer
40,000 against each other.