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Gangs Of Commorragh Hit The Skies For Warhammer 40,000

7 hours ago 12

We mentioned it last week but Gangs Of Commorragh is now available for you to snap up from the Games Workshop webstore ahead of its full release next weekend.

Galatus Dreadnought & New Grav Tank Arrive For The Legio Custodes

10 hours ago 5

Leading the way for the Legio Custodes this week we have some new releases from Forge World including the mighty looking Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought.

Tzeentch’s Minions Grow In Number With Age Of Sigmar Preview!

6 days ago 26

Getting ahead of the crowd when it comes to leaks on the internet the Warhammer Community team has put together a very nice look at what’s around the corner for the Disciples Of Tzeentch in Age of Sigmar.

The Gundabad Ogres Do Battle Thanks To Forge World

6 days ago 19

Forge World continue to build on their Hobbit range with some more models from The Battle Of The Five Armies, the third film in the trilogy. Here we have the Gundabad Ogres…

Weekender XLBS: FoW Boot Camp Tickets On Sale Now & Our Holiday Hobby Time

Weekender XLBS: FoW Boot Camp Tickets On Sale Now & Our Holiday Hobby Time

6 days ago 102

Join us in the wonderful world of Backstage
where we get to chat with you lovely
folks about our hobby and much more.

The Disciples Of Tzeentch Begin Weaving Spells In Age Of Sigmar

7 days ago 36

The Changer of Ways is digging his claws into the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar as Games Workshop focus in on the Disciples Of Tzeentch for their pre-orders this week.

Weekender: Relic Knights Week Cometh & Win a Battle Foam X Pack!

Weekender: Relic Knights Week Cometh & Win a Battle Foam X Pack!

7 days ago 283

We’re back after a hard earned break to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming.

Gangs Of Commorragh Battle It Out With New Games Workshop Boxed Game

10 days ago 39

Continuing their theme of creating smaller boxed game experiences the Warhammer Community website this week showed off what’s coming as part of Gangs Of Commorragh!

Games Workshop’s Profits On The Up

11 days ago 76

The Telegraph posted today that Games Workshop has battled back from its slump of the past few years and is now seeing much-improved figures.

New Lord Of Change Arrives In The Mortal Realms For Age Of Sigmar

12 days ago 35

The Warhammer Community website posted up a look at the new Lord of Change miniature, which is an absolute beast, for use in your games of Age of Sigmar.

Iron Hills Dwarf Commanders Now Available From Forge World

13 days ago 6

Forge World has now released their Iron Hills Dwarf Commanders for use in your games of The Hobbit. Take a look at them as just the start of a new raft of awesome releases on the way from the team.

The Fall Of Cadia Comes To Warhammer 40,000 From Games Workshop

13 days ago 19

Games Workshop has now added the characters and the new book for their Gathering Storm campaign to their website. Warhammer 40,000 is unlikely to be the same after Cadia falls!

3 Colours Up: Weathering A Warhammer 40K Valkyrie

16 days ago 15

We’re back with Brian from Anarchy Models for another video where John has challenged him to weather up a Warhammer 40,000 Valkyrie.

Blood Bowl’s Dwarf Team & Star Players Looking Epic

17 days ago 35

Games Workshop and Forge World were showing off more of what’s on the horizon for Blood Bowl this year as they took a peek at the awesome Dwarf Team and some Star Players too.

Snap Up New Battle Foam Blood Bowl Kits To Keep Teams Safe

18 days ago 2

While Battle Foam already does a Foam Tray Kit for your nice new copy of Blood Bowl they have also heard the whispers from the community and have designed a new Foam Kit which works specifically with the new set from Games Workshop.