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Astraeus Super-heavy Tank #1

Forge World Show Off The New Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank


Forge World’s Death Korp Of Krieg Infantry March Together


If you like the idea of throwing an alternative Regiment into the mix for your games of Warhammer 40,000, then check out the Death Korp Of Krieg from Forge World.

Forge World Fire Up New Flyers For Warhammer 40,000


Forge World is taking to the skies with a flyer that is no doubt meant for combat, and another which might take a bit of a beating if it should find itself being shot at.

Infernus Fire Pikes Are Lit By Forge World For The Legio Custodes


Forge World is once again bolstering their selection of Legio Custodes models with some fearsome Infernus Firepikes for their Aquilon Terminators.

Blood Bowl’s Minotaur Charges Along With Chaos Renegades


Forge World is bringing out the big guns with another monstrous player to work alongside your team in Blood Bowl. Here comes the charging Minotaur…

Get Your Middle-Earth Gaming In At Warhammer World Soon


Are you a fan of The Hobbit SBG and the Lord of the Rings game from Games Workshop? Are you free September 16 and 17? Then the Throne of Skulls event might be for you.

Lead From The Front With Forge World’s Thousand Sons Praetor


Forge World continue to build on their Thousand Sons Legion force with the Praetor.

Pre-Order Aquilon Terminators & Sisters Of Silence From Forge World


Delve into Horus Heresy armies

New Pitches & Prizes From Forge World For Blood Bowl


Forge World has some new releases for you to check out the world of Blood Bowl. Here we have two new neoprene mats which are styled after the Reikland Reavers and Gouged Eyes of this Fantasy Football game.

Forge World’s Legion Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank Rumbles Into Battle


Forge World previewed this particular vehicle a few weeks ago and now the Legion Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank has rumbled into battle.

Forge World’s Gabriel Angelos Leads The Blood Ravens Into Battle


Forge World added a new character to their collection for fans of the Blood Ravens, made famous by the Dawn Of War PC games. Here we have Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens .

Support Your Dwarves With Forge World Iron Hill Crossbows


Forge World continue to build on their Middle-Earth range with some new Iron Hills Dwarves With Crossbows for those budding Battle Of Five Armies collections out there.

The Sisters Of Silence Get Their Transport Option From Forge World


Forge World previewed one of their new vehicles this week, this time for the Sisters Of Silence. If you’ve been building up a Talons Of The Emperor force this might be on your rada

The Sicarian Punisher Tank Rolls Out Of Forge World


Forge World has another big behemoth of a tank to show off on their webstore this week. See what you make of the Legion Sicarian Punisher Assault Tank.

Strike Hard With The Sicaran Arcus Tank By Forge World


Coming soon for the Space Marines of the Warhammer 40,000 universe we have this new Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank by Forge World which looks like a combination of brutal weaponry and heavy armour.

Creating Our Epic 40K Tyranid World

Creating Our Epic 40K Tyranid World!


In this Hobby Vlog, John gets stuck into some very cool terrain.

The Majestic Amon & A Fat Blood Bowl Rat New From Forge World


We’ve got two flavours of model for you today from Forge World. The first is quite serious

Weekender: Narrative Death Guard Army & Carnevale Returns!

Weekender: Narrative Death Guard Army & Carnevale Returns!


We’ve got a jam-packed show for you this weekend with
a focus on Justin’s continuing efforts to build himself
a Death Guard army for Warhammer 40,000…

New Aquilon Terminators Fight For Forge World’s Legio Custodes


Joining their battle brothers on the tabletop the Aquilon Terminators are coming soon for the Legio Custodes thanks to Forge World.

Square Up To Forge World’s New Telemon Heavy Dreadnought


I think that most people are in agreement that Dreadnoughts from the world of Warhammer 40,000 are cool. Well, here’s Forge World’s latest creation which might add to that cool factor with the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought.