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Ardacon 2017 Tickets Go On Sale, Will You Be Attending?

2 days ago 3

Ardacon 2017 Tickets have now gone on sale! This premier Middle-Earth experience showcasing everything that is epic about the tabletop game.

Brawling Gundabad Trolls Battle Iron Hills Dwarves From Forge World

7 days ago 5

Forge World are bolstering the forces of both Evil and Good with some new releases for The Hobbit. Leading the way we have some new alternatives for the forces of Gundabad in the vein of armoured Trolls.

Griff Oberwald & A Snarling Rat Ogre Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch

14 days ago 15

Forge World has released two new big players for your games of Blood Bowl on the tabletop. First off we have the dashing looking Griff Oberwald who has dropped his famous winged helm to make sure the crowd know who he is…

Forge World Shows Off New Releases For The Hobbit

26 days ago 17

Over the weekend Forge World gave those lucky enough to be attending The Hobbit Grand Tournament at Warhammer World some first looks into the new releases coming for The Hobbit Strategy Battles Game.

Heresy-Era Storm Shields & Assault Cannons Arrive From Forge World

28 days ago 5

Forge World has two new weapon options for your Cataphractii Terminators to use in battle this weekend as they revealed both Assault Cannons and Storm Shields for your Space Marines to carry into battle.

Pick Up Blood Bowl Star Player Varag Ghoul-Chewer From Forge World

42 days ago 17

Forge World has released another Star Player onto the Blood Bowl pitch as we turn out attention to Varag Ghoul-Chewer, stomping his way onto the pitch in search of something to crush.

Horus Heresy Sneak Peeks & Adeptus Titanicus!

46 days ago 14

The Horus Heresy Weekender showed off a lot of fantastic models and more for fans of Forge World to get stuck into.

Mount Up In Forge World’s Coronus Grav-Carrier

49 days ago 11

Forge World has added another vehicle to the Legio Custodes garage. Here we have the transport option for your force, the Coronus Grav-Carrier.

Make The Big Blood Bowl Plays With Forge World’s Mighty Zug

56 days ago 9

Forge World continue to grow their Blood Bowl range with the addition of Star Player, Mighty Zug, to the pitch.

The Wolf-Kin Of Russ Begin Ravaging Foes With Forge World

56 days ago 8

Joining Leman Russ on the battlefield the Wolf-kin Of Russ are now ravaging foes on the battlefield with Forge World, tearing apart Thousand Sons and other traitors with their huge claws and blood-soaked maws.

Galatus Dreadnought & New Grav Tank Arrive For The Legio Custodes

63 days ago 9

Leading the way for the Legio Custodes this week we have some new releases from Forge World including the mighty looking Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought.

The Gundabad Ogres Do Battle Thanks To Forge World

69 days ago 19

Forge World continue to build on their Hobbit range with some more models from The Battle Of The Five Armies, the third film in the trilogy. Here we have the Gundabad Ogres…

Iron Hills Dwarf Commanders Now Available From Forge World

76 days ago 6

Forge World has now released their Iron Hills Dwarf Commanders for use in your games of The Hobbit. Take a look at them as just the start of a new raft of awesome releases on the way from the team.

Blood Bowl’s Dwarf Team & Star Players Looking Epic

79 days ago 35

Games Workshop and Forge World were showing off more of what’s on the horizon for Blood Bowl this year as they took a peek at the awesome Dwarf Team and some Star Players too.

Forge World’s New Years Open Day Covers All The Bases

82 days ago 17

Forge World are holding a New Years Open Day right now, yes today, the 2nd January 2017. There they will be showing off some cool new products on the way this year and here’s a sneaky peek at some of them.