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Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special

699 days ago 209

As well as enjoying the Dungeon
Saga Weekend you can get stuck
into a Weekender XLBS
where we talk all things
dungeon delving…

Join Backstage Here

The Fantasy Flight Gears get a New Mission

1885 days ago 2

Will you be picking up the new Print on Demand Mission pack for Gears of War?

Kotaku have been playing Gears of War: The Board Game

2153 days ago 4

Lucky sods! Click here for a link to a video they made and some stills.

New Video Overview for Gears of War the Board Game

2185 days ago 18

A brand new video from Fantasy Flight on their upcoming Gears of War Board Game


Gears of War the Board Game Chainsaws HeroClix in the Face

2256 days ago 16

Gears of War Boardgame

2257 days ago 12

Many of you have been waiting with baited breath on this announcement… Fantasy Flight Games have finally launched the Gears of War Boardgame!