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Weekender: Spartan Grabs Halo License & Bustin' Ghosts On Kickstarter!

Weekender: Spartan Grabs Halo License & Bustin’ Ghosts On Kickstarter!

890 days ago 81

Happy Valentines day! Hopefully you’re
spending this Saturday with loved ones
or  getting some hobby done, maybe
even a bit of both! This Weekender
we’re going to be talking about the
awesome news that Spartan Games
have grabbed the license to make
wargames for the Halo Universe!

    More From The Gamers With New Short Series; Natural 1!

    1017 days ago 0

    Another The Gamers short has appeared from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and this time around Gary and Leo are heading to the frozen North that is Canada to put Gary’s sister’s fiance through his paces.

    Lego Fans Builds the Star Wars Lava World of Mustafar!

    1019 days ago 6

    Say what you like about the Star Wars prequels, and believe me we do, they still had some epic lightsabre fights and decent backdrops for them. Now Escapist Magazine have come across a true Lego master piece as Michal Kaźmierczak recreates the lave world of Mustafar!

    Cosplay Q&A Time With Artyfakes’ Tabitha Lyons!

    1024 days ago 12

    Taking time out of a very busy week Tabitha Lyons of NeoTerra Bolt and other cosplay fame answered a few questions for us on cosplay, larping and gave some tips for those of you looking to make an ace costume for Halloween!

    Check Out Fan Made Nightwing The Series Part One!

    1027 days ago 9

    An awesome fan made project has popped up online following Nightwing from the DC universe. Give this one a watch and let us know what you think!

    Another The Gamers Adventure With Humans & Households!

    1038 days ago 4

    Delve into a new fantasy adventure in our own mundane world with Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus’ The Gamers: Humans & Households!

    Doctor Who Returns Tonight, Don’t Forget!

    1065 days ago 14

    Doctor Who is back later on tonight! Will you be tuning in to see Peter Capaldi take on the role of the Doctor?

    Have Your Say On The Great Wargaming Survey

    1117 days ago 20

    Takes some time out to enter the big Wargaming Survey that should help Soldier & Strategy pin down a few things about our gaming culture!

    Check Out The Amazing Art Of Miro Petrov!

    1179 days ago 3

    Check out this awesome IndieGoGo campaign looking to raise funds for the production of an awesome artbook. There are some brilliant pieces in here by an ace artist!

    Troy McDevitt Provides Awesome Tribute To Ghostbusters

    1241 days ago 5

    Check out this awesome sculpture for the Ghostbusters that was created my McDevitt Studios last year.

    Ghostbusters Star Harold Ramis (Spengler) Passes Away

    1245 days ago 16

    Sad news today as Harold Ramis -Egon Spengler – dies at the age of 69.

    Ragnarok Is Coming & You Could Be Part Of It!

    1249 days ago 2

    How will you be preparing for the impending end of the world as Ragnarok approaches this weekend?

    Spongebob Watchmen Mash-Up?

    1250 days ago 7

    Surely a mash up between Spongebob Squarepants and The Watchmen shouldn’t work but strangely my mind accepts it with ease…

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Blows Up The Internet

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Blows Up The Internet

    1250 days ago 25

    Game Of Thrones Season 4 Returns This April

    1287 days ago 1

    Game of Thrones returns this coming April and 2014 will be another year where this show rocks I reckon!