Three Doctors Together In Special Who Episode

October 17, 2013 by brennon

While this isn’t miniature news it is pretty awesome geek news. The BBC have shown off some more images from the upcoming The Day of the Doctor episode which will play a part in the 50th anniversary of one of the longest running series in the UK.

The Three Doctors

David Tennant

Matt Smith

John Hurt

As you can see David Tennant (probably my favourite of the new Doctors) has joined forces with Matt Smith and John Hurt’s representation of the Doctor for what promises to be a very good episode. Clara Oswald will also be joining The Doctor for this epic adventure…


Holding On

It will be fun to see where this all ends up as the story has been twisting and turning for a while now. How John Hurt mixes with the other two Doctors is going to be very fun indeed and of course Peter Capaldi is waiting in the wings.

It’s a shame that Matt Smith is going to be leaving but I think that Peter Capaldi will be a very worthy replacement and should carry the series into the new year.

Will you be tuning in for this one?

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