More From The Gamers With New Short Series; Natural 1!

October 10, 2014 by brennon

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment are continuing their spate of The Gamers shorts with Natural 1 which follows Gary and Leo from the second and third films as they head to Canada to put a new addition to the clan through their paces with a game of Cyberrun (Shadowrun!)…

The Gamers - Natural 1

All three parts of the film are up now to watch so you can binge through it all in one go and enjoy. It’s nice to see familiar characters return and with the addition of a few cameos from other actors in the recent Humans & Household series you get a sense of The Gamers family growing which is cool.

Lots of fun and well worth taking a bit of time out for, give this one a watch during your break later today.

Watch the first part above!

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