Re-imagining The X-Men With The Order Of X!

November 16, 2013 by brennon

It’s always cool to see some variations on the norm when it comes to our hobby and the geek world. We have the fantastic ability to tweak and dig around in the gaps to make things in our own vision. That is just what Nate Hallinan has done with the X-Men. Imagine they had been born in the Dark/Middle-Ages under the guise of The Order Of X

Lord Xavier




This clever soul has taken the X-Men and transplanted them into a world that I would love to see them floating around in. I could very easily see this being a pretty epic series of stories. Above you can see their leader, Lord Xavier who much like in the comics you know and love has bought them together to keep them from being seen as witches, monsters and demons!




Lady Grey

I reckon that already a fair few of you will have picked out your favourites, mine being the awesome Colossus and the epic Beast. My first prize however has to go to Wolve’Rune who has been created in the guise of a Dwarf. A Dwarf plus Wolverine is surely the best of both worlds?

A fan of his work has even started a petition to Marvel to get this made into a real series. Whether or not they can achieve anything with it remains to be seen but we can try!

What do you think of these re-imaginings?

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