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Terrinoth Sourcebook On The Way For FFG’s Genesys


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that there is a Sourcebook coming up for the Genesys Role-Playing System that focuses in on the Realms Of Terrinoth as their Fantasy setting of choice.

Genesys Role-Playing Game Now Available From FFG


The Genesys Role-Playing Game Rulebook is now available for you to pick up from Fantasy Flight Games as you start building new words to adventure in, be they Fantasy worlds or far off planets in a Sci-Fi space opera.

FFG Talk Tone In Their New Role-Playing System, Genesys


Building on their previews for Fantasy Flight Games’ Genesys Role-Playing Game the team took some time to look at how Tone works in the game, with a focus on it overall and indeed how it works mechanically.

Developing Your Settings In FFG’s Genesys Role-Playing Game


Exploring the way in which you build your settings is the key focus of Fantasy Flight Games’ newest article on Genesys.

Take A Peek At Social Interactions In FFG’s Genesys


We stop back in with Fantasy Flight Games as they showed off another preview of their upcoming role-playing game, Genesys. This time the focus is on how social interactions work.

FFG Talk Crafting Characters In Genesys Roleplaying Game


Fantasy Flight Games have talked more about the character creation process in Genesys, their new open format for roleplaying games on the tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: First 40k Battle Impressions & Genesys, A Cool New FFG RPG!

Weekender XLBS: First 40k Battle Impressions & Genesys, A Cool New FFG RPG!


Welcome to a relaxed chat with us
on Weekender XLBS with
Lloyd, Az Justin and Ben.

Genesys, A New All-Purpose RPG System Coming From FFG


Fantasy Flight Games have thrown their hat into the RPG ring once again with a new system called Genesys.