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New Blackhide Trolls Slaughter Their Way Into Godslayer Soon

31 days ago 4

Some of the new posing and design work has been done on a range of upcoming Blackhide Trolls for use with the Troglodytes of Godslayer. Check out what Megalith Games has been working on…

Become Godslayer Veterans With Free Profile Cards

68 days ago 1

Megalith Games have released new Veteran Profile cards for each of the current starter boxes, letting you upgrade your crews and turn them into seasoned combatants.

The Wyldfolk Woad Brothers Get Battling In Godslayer

91 days ago 9

Megalith Games have shown off some more of their upcoming resculpts for the Wyldfolk in Godslayer. Here we have their work on the Woad Brothers.

A Re-sculpted Ursapine Crawls From It’s Cave For Godslayer

103 days ago 9

Megalith Games have shared a neat preview of their re-sculpted Ursapine model for the world of Godslayer. This beast is a roaring mass of muscle and anger; very fitting for Godslayer.

The Wyldfolk Of Godslayer Gain Themselves A Warped Warrior

112 days ago 5

Megalith Games have teased another addition to the coming tweak to the Wyldfolk in Godslayer. Here we have the Rhyastrad Warp-Warrior for the Tuathan subfaction.

A Starter Set & New Wyldfolk Coming To Megalith’s Godslayer

194 days ago 3

Megalith Games have been showing off some work-in-progress sketches of what’s coming up next from them when it comes to Godslayer. The first bit of news is that we’ll be seeing a Starter Set featuring this lovely piece of artwork…

Megalith Look Ahead To The Nimburians Of Godslayer

231 days ago 3

A new faction is coming to Godslayer from Megalith Games (hopefully soon!). See what you think of some of this concept artwork which popped up on Facebook for The Golden Kingdom Of Nimburia…

A New Banebrood Chimera Hunts Your Heroes In Godslayer

278 days ago 4

Megalith Games have previewed another of their upcoming monsters with a stunning paint job. See what you think of the deadly Banebrood Chimera which looks like it has its sights on your heroes as they wander the world of Godslayer.

Become An Amazonian Warlord In Megalith’s Godslayer

283 days ago 2

Megalith Games have shown off another upcoming model for the Amazonians as part of Godslayer. Kydoime is poised and ready for combat with sword, shield, bow and arrows at the ready to bring down her foes…

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?

287 days ago 87

Welcome Backstage as we get stuck
into the Weekender XLBS where we
give you another dose of our wit and
sage knowledge. Well…we like to
think it’s helpful anyway!

Go Scouting With The Fimbul Toughborns Of Godslayer

296 days ago 16

Some new Nordgaard models are coming to the world of Godslayer from Megalith Games this year and the team have got their first studio painted miniatures ready to show off for the Fimbul Toughborns.

Megalith Games Begin Revising Their Godslayer Starter Sets

377 days ago 3

Megalith Games have looked to the Wyldfolk Of Annyr and revising the models that are part of their Starter Set in Godslayer. You can see how they are turning out below…

Go Into A Berserker Rage With The Scarjarl In Godslayer

580 days ago 3

Go into a berserker rage with the coming of the Scarjarl to the Nordgaard of Godslayer. If you’re looking for a melee-hewing masterpiece of destruction then this could be your Warlord.

Reaver Runts Scamper Out Onto The Battlefield Of Godslayer

618 days ago 2

See what you think of the small but deadly Reaver Runts that will be scampering around the battlefield for the Troglodytes of Godslayer.

The Libarum Technocrat Bring Engineering Skills To Godslayer

642 days ago 4

Godslayer is joined by another warlord from Megalith Games and this time it’s an engineer and warmachine guru for the Mortans.