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New Godslayer Battlebox Contents Detailed By Megalith


Megalith Games showed off what is going to come in the new Battlebox for Godslayer when it comes to Kickstarter in May.

The Mortans Of Godslayer Get Their Mighty Avatar


The Mortans of Megalith’s Godslayer are next up to receive their mighty Avatar which will cause havoc on the battlefield. Here are the first looks at the renders for the Domina Mortis.

Mighty Avatars Take Shape For Megalith’s Godslayer


The Avatars for Megalith’s Godslayer have been coming together nicely and recently we’ve got a look at the renders for two titanic additions to the collection.

Megalith Games Bring Olympian Fury With The Halodynes Avatar


Megalith Games have revealed the concept for the Halodynes Avatar, the Olympian Fury.

Megalith Games Summon The Avatars Of Godslayer


Bringing new models and ideas into the fold is what Megalith Games are hoping to do with their upcoming Kickstarter for Godslayer.

Remus Stands Tall For The Mortans In Megalith’s Godslayer


Megalith Games have shown off this model for Remus Caius who will be fighting for the Mortans in Godslayer.

Megalith Games Reveal The Final Mighty Ogre Huscarl


Megalith Games has now shown off the final of their Ogre Huscarls which will work as the leader for this part of your Nordgaard forces on the tabletop in Godslayer.

A Viking Ogre Goes Raiding Across Godslayer


Megalith Games have preivewed another of their upcoming Viking Ogre Huscarls.

Mighty Nordgaard Viking Huskarls Take Shape For Godslayer


If you’re a fan of the Nordgaard from Godslayer by Megalith Games then you might want to save some pocket money for these Nordgaard Viking Huskarls who mighty Ogre warriors decked out like Northern warriors…

Cerberos Becomes Part Of The Godslayer Battle Box


Megalith Games are looking ahead to a Kickstarter in September of this year for Godslayer. One aspect of this is the Battlebox which collects together starter forces for the game and one of the beasts within will be Cerberos here…

Megalith Bring New Boosters To Godslayer Factions


Megalith Games are adding some new boosters to their collection for use with Godslayer.

Godslayer’s Wyldfolk Starter Box Gets Painted Up


The models have been teased for a while now in various forms but the Wyldfolk Starter Box for Megalith Games’ Godslayer are now fully painted up and nearly ready to go!

The Arban Warhost Gets Its Commander In Megalith’s Godslayer


Storming into battle for the Troglodytes of Godslayer we got to see the Arban Warhost Captain during the last few days from the folks at Megalith Games.

The Gestir Captain Stomps Into Godslayer For The Nordgaard


Megalith Games are continuing to preview what lies ahead for the world of Godslayer. Their latest preview is for the Gestir Captain who is a mighty force to be reckoned with for the Nordgaard faction.

Megalith’s Mercenary Elf Prince Ymric Makes His Appearance


Megalith Games have previewed a new mercenary warlord who will be available to lead any faction or subfaction in Godslayer. The arrogant elf Prince Ymric the Exile.

The Braying Of The Stormhorn Stagotaur Echoes From Megalith Games


A monstrous beast is storming its way onto the tabletop soon from Megalith Games for Godslayer. The Banebrood get themselves another titanic warrior in the shape of the Stormhorn Stagotaur…

The Nordgaard Of Godslayer Get Eldritch With The Raven Witch


The folks at Megalith Games have shown off another of their upcoming characters for the world of Godslayer, this time focused around the Nordgaard. Here we have the rather powerful looking Raven Witch.

The Godslayer Wyldfolk Starter Box Warriors Detailed


Megalith Games has now shown off the full contents of your new Starter Box for the Wyldfolk of Annyr that will be coming soon to the Godslayer Kickstarter in May.

The Goreguard Storm Forth For Megalith’s Godslayer


The Goreguard have come to life from Megalith Games for Godslayer, soon to be part of their new Banebrood Starter Box. See what you think of these vicious beasts…

Atazuma, Mighty King Of The Jungle, Coming To Godslayer


Megalith Games are delving deep into the jungle for their next preview for the future of Godslayer. Meet Atazuma, a new mercenary character.