The Halodyne Amazons Ride The Plains In Godslayer

October 9, 2013 by brennon

It looks like we’re going to have a few riding models today in the news stream and Megalith Games are not to be left out with their addition to the Halodyne Faction for Godslayer. The Amazon Hunters are out in force…

Hunters of the Plains

It looks like these Amazon women are riding into battle atop an Ibex or some kind, or just some strange horned creature from their own fantasy world. The fluff behind these women is actually quite interesting and paints them as more nomadic wanderers than jungle dwelling guardians.

Amazon Hunters

They are fast and nimble and excel at ranged combat as well as hit and run attacks. Quite the neat addition to an army filled with armoured and shielded warriors on foot. Model wise it looks like they have stuck very closely to the concept art and got some very fine and delicate looking animals and riders for us to enjoy.

Now let’s see them painted and out there Megalith!