The Reaver Tyrant Takes Command Of Godslayer’s Banebrood

June 21, 2013 by brennon

Megalith Games have another Warlord on the way for the Banebrood faction. Check out the Reaver Tyrant below who looks like he’s ready to tear an entire town down to its foundations…

Reaver Tyrant

This barbaric warrior looks like he has taken a note from Kratos with that chain attached to the end of his axe. In typical movie I’d like to see him slamming it into a foe and then dragging them towards him.

In the game he plays the role of both leader and melee combatant but could do with a good bodyguard to get him right into the middle of the action. The lesser troops will stand no chance against his axe.

The model is looking pretty fantastic so far and it will be good to see it painted up.

What do you think?