The Wyldfolk and Pestbringer Arrive for Godslayer

July 30, 2012 by brennon

Another wave of model previews have arrived for the Godslayer game from Megalith Games. Check out the models below for both the Wyldfolk and the Banebrood…

Banebrood - Pestbringer

First up is one of our first miniature looks at the Pestbringer for the Banebrood. A beastman with a rather torn up looking corpse held in one hand. However the paint job has also highlighted just how blighted this horde of braying animals is.

Wyldfolk of Annyr - Pendragon

Wyldfolk of Annyr - Bladeslingers

And the Wyldfolk of Annyr are reinforced with not only the Pendragon, but a selection of their light infantry, the Blade Slingers. Overall I quite like these models although I do feel that a lot of the movement has slipped away since we saw the Halodynes and Mortans.

How do you think these other factions are shaping up?