The Scions of Honor March Into Golem Arcana

January 22, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

The Scions of Honor now march into Golem Arcana with the Empire’s armies, bringing with them a host of new abilities to halt the Gudanna hordes. The new crew include: the Vigilant Sentinel, the Blazing Dervish and the Growling Phalanx.These new characters also bring with them four new relics to help turn the tide.

Golem Arcana Durani

The Vigilant Sentinel is a deadly scout and brings with him the Burning Beacon. The Sentinel marks its enemies by spitting a burning blue orb that attaches to them. This mark lasts for 2 rounds and causes its unlucky target to take 15 more damage from ranged attacks.

The Blazing Dervish is a determined fighter, with his dual swords. Unlike some foes who retreat to reconsider when an attack doesn’t wield the intended results, a miss only spurs it to attack again as it gains 15 Accuracy to all of its attacks on the round after it misses. The Dervish can also launch its swords forward with its Flying Scimitars attack, which costs 1 AP – and the attack will set up Blade Dance even if it misses. Blade Dance will ignore 5 Armor as well as shred its targets armor by 5 for 2 rounds.

With its massive shield, the Growling Phalanx is the keystone to any Durani assault. This shield does more than just protect the Phalanx, allies who are in its region will gain a cover bonus equal to the Phalanx’s current Armor.  This Golem is even strong enough to lift Titan-class golems! The Phalanx can toss its foes to adjacent regions, dealing 15 Damage to all golems in that region and 20 to the golem who was tossed! And the jewels on the shield are not just for decoration and can also blind enemies, reducing their Accuracy by 15 for two rounds.

With plenty of abilities, the Scions of Honor are sure to change the dynamic in Golem Arcana!

What do you think of these new warriors?