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Golem Paints Up Guardian 1984 For River Horse’s Terminator

571 days ago 3

River Horse asked Golem Painting Studios to paint up their Guardian 1984 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and he’s looking rather spiffing indeed. This also heralds a few more miniature sets coming out for their Terminator Genisys game so watch this space…

Golem Painting Studios NMM Masterclass Trip Review!

1147 days ago 10

The winner of our little contest last week went along to the Non-Metallic Metal Masterclass from Golem Painting Studio and gives us his impression of the day, the techniques and more!

Golem Painting Get You In The Pointy Eldar Mood

1333 days ago 2

Check out these amazingly well painted miniatures for the Eldar force in Warhammer 40,000. What do you make of the schemes and will you be getting some today?

Golem Paint Up A Gem From Dungeons Past

1351 days ago 1

Check out this awesome diorama painted up by Golem Painting Studio as a blast from the past for Dungeons & Dragons.

Golem Painting Studio Are Recruiting New Painters

1439 days ago Comments Off

Golem Painting Studio are looking for some new painting recruits that have buckets of talent. If this is you consider applying.

Golem Get Started On Hansa & Gates Of Antares Canceled!

Golem Get Started On Hansa & Gates Of Antares Cancelled!

1440 days ago 29

Golem Painting Studio are hard at work on Hansa for Beyond The Gates Of Antares. Check out the early stages above and follow along…

Check out Golem Studios Painted Corporation Enforcer

1625 days ago 3

Check out this painted Enforcer from the folks at Golem Painting Studio.

The Entire Golem Painting Team takes Warren On!

The Entire Golem Painting Team takes Warren On!

1732 days ago 192

They donated their time to the Hobby Lab Live on the day, so we had to speak to them about their thoughts on the day… check out the team from Golem Painting!

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