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More Fine Sculpts Come To Life From Greebo Games

179 days ago 7

Greebo Games have continued to preview some more of their sculpts for the Un-Renaissance project they were running on Kickstarter. Time for mass production!

Summon Up Magical Power With Greebo’s Savonarola

186 days ago 5

Greebo Games have previewed some more of the miniatures that are in the works as part of their Un-Renaissance Kickstarter.

Weekender XLBS: Having Fun Gaming In The Dark!

Weekender XLBS: Having Fun Gaming In The Dark!

211 days ago 63

As well as delving into a jam-packed week full of news we also have a chat about whether or not gaming in the dark is a good idea!

We’ll let you be the judge…

Greebo’s Un-Renaissance Pledge Manager Reveals Ace New Sculpts

217 days ago 10

Greebo Games have opened up their Pledge Manager for their Un-Renaissance Project and with that comes a look at some of the other impressive sculpts that came out of their Kickstarter campaign.

Greebo Go Dungeon Storming In Their First Board Game

420 days ago 2

Greebo Games are going on an adventure into the darkest dungeons of fantasy as they prepare to launch their first board game Dungeon Storming.

Greebo Grow a Sexy Sylvan Treewoman

447 days ago 6

Greebo Games are coming out with a new Treewoman miniature that will make a walk in the forest seem a far more pleasant (and most likely fatal) prospect.

Greebo’s Next Team Bring Dwarfs From the Orient

598 days ago Comments Off

Greebo Games have recently been teasing us with a couple of sketches, leaving us scratching our heads over just who this new fantasy football team could be.

A Swift Assassin Appears for Greebo’s Next Team

621 days ago 2

Greebo Games have published a new concept sketch showing off a second player for their upcoming team, a sexy assassin captured in a moment of graceful violence.

A Fearsome Fighting (Green) Team Fights Back From Greebo!

633 days ago 9

Greebo Games have put together quite the collection of awesome Ninja and Villains based on their IndieGoGo Campaign from last year and they’re now available on their webstore!