An Undead Pirate Is Summoned To Life By Greebo Games

December 8, 2016 by brennon

As part of a new project on the cards from Greebo Games they showed off this preview of an Undead Pirate who looks like a mad captain seeking revenge.

Undead Pirate #1

The range of miniatures is looking to be around the 32mm mark with this particular model standing at 40mm in height. They’ve really gone for a chunky heroic Fantasy look here and it’s paying off nicely.

Undead Pirate (Close)

A touch that I particularly liked was that he doesn’t have an eye-patch anymore, the thing being ripped off yet still bolted to his skull in some way. It makes sense since he wouldn’t need it anymore!

We will be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

"A touch that I particularly liked was that he doesn't have an eye-patch anymore..."

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