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Green Ronin Working On Critical Role D&D Sourcebook

227 days ago 5

Green Ronin are working with Matt Mercer to bring the excellent world of Critical Role to the tabletop!


Weekender XLBS: Could You Create An Epic Mega Game?

294 days ago 60

Happy Sunday folks and welcome to The Weekender XLBS. Our focus this week is on BIG games, specifically the idea of Mega Games from all different tabletop genres…

Search For Targaryen Gold In New Song Of Ice & Fire RPG Adventure

297 days ago 1

With Game of Thrones at the forefront of peoples minds we picked up this news that Green Ronin had another adventure on the cards for their A Song Of Ice & Fire RPG. Will you be able to find the Dragon’s Hoard?

Green Ronin Add Another Adventure To Fantasy AGE

304 days ago Comments Off

Green Ronin have put together another adventure for your Fantasy AGE games. This new Encounters PDF is called Menace From The Mines…

Set Up A New Fantasy AGE Adventure With Encounters

354 days ago Comments Off

Green Ronin have now produced the first of their Fantasy AGE Encounters books. This will be a series of books which will give you various side quests to drop into adventures to make them that little more exciting.

Never Done Pen & Paper Role-Playing? Try These For Size…

601 days ago 84

Head Off On A New Fantasy AGE Adventure With Green Ronin

618 days ago 2

Green Ronin have started taking pre-orders for their new Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook that allows you to base your campaign in any setting simply by using their mechanical framework…