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Gregster’s Lab Roll The Tempest Super Heavy Out For Pre-Order

746 days ago 3

Roll out a big burly looking tank in the smallest scale imaginable and that is 6mm. Are you interested in the Tempest Maul from Gregster’s Lab?

Gregster’s Lab Power Up A 6mm Behemoth Of A Tank!

782 days ago 5

Gregster’s Lab have begun work on a rather cool tank that will be available for sale towards the end of March. I reckon there will be a fair few Epic fans looking to pick this up!

Gregster’s Lab Power On With Casting 6mm Sci-Fi Buildings

810 days ago 4

See how the 6mm terrain is stacking up from Gregster’s Lab as they continue to work on the casting process and release lots more.

Gregster’s Lab Show Off Their 6mm Research Base Terrain!

907 days ago 12

Check out this stunning looking 6mm Sci-Fi Terrain from Gregster’s Lab! This is some highly detailed stunning terrain for whatever game you could play at this scale.