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Wargame Exclusive’s Cyperhia The Fallen Tells A New Grimdark Story

58 days ago 17

Wargame Exclusive work on a lot of interesting alternative models for use in Warhammer 40,000 and their newest creation, Cypheria The Fallen, is quite the departure from her original inspiration.

Scan The Battlefield With Wargame Exclusive Rocket Drones

114 days ago 3

Covering the battlefield and their commanders the folks at Wargame Exclusive have added a new set of Rocket Drones to their collection for The Greater Good (Tau).

Wargame Exclusive’s Greater Good Gets New Soldiers

117 days ago 7

Wargame Exclusive has added two new characters to their Greater Good range. If you’re a fan of the Tau and want to expand your army with some characters, maybe for the likes of Kill Team or Shadow War: Armageddon, this could be a range to check out.

Wargame Exclusive Reveal The High Flying Sisters Coming Soon

136 days ago 7

If you’re looking for some alternative for your Sisters Of Battle force then Wargame Exclusive have shown off this trio of ladies which should be released at some point this week.

Grimskull Unboxing: Necrocyborg Grim Reaper & Female Warrior

Grimskull Unboxing: Necrocyborg Grim Reaper & Female Warrior

256 days ago 9

Today John and Justin are opening up a Grimskull package showing off the amazing Grim Reaper and the Female Warrior Conversions.

Grim Skull Unboxing: Heresy Hunters

GrimSkull Unboxing: Heresy Hunters

295 days ago 7

We’re checking out some more of the Grim Skull range as we unbox the Heresy Hunters as alternatives for your Sci-Fi armies.

Grim Skull Unboxing: Greater Good Alternative Models

Grim Skull Unboxing: Greater Good Alternative Models

319 days ago 27

Looking at some alternatives for our
Greater Good armies we unbox some
of the characters from Grim Skull.