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New SAGA Warbands On The Way From Footsore Miniatures

12 days ago 4

With the new Arthurian SAGA rules on the way from Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk, we’re going to be seeing new warbands taking to the field of battle thanks to Footsore Miniatures.

Delve Into More Of Studio Tomahawks Arthurian SAGA

40 days ago 8

Giving us some more information about the world of Aetius & Arthur Studio Tomahawk put together some new previews of the upcoming book.

Swordpoint Rulebook Up For Pre-Order From Gripping Beast

44 days ago 5

If you’re looking for an alternative ruleset for playing out your Ancient and Medieval battles then how about the new Swordpoint Rulebook which is up for pre-order by Gripping Beast?


Weekender: Battle Systems Killer Sci-Fi Terrain & First Look At Awaken Realms’ The Edge

45 days ago 367

Join us for an awesome Weekender where we have plenty of competitions AND some great interviews for you too.

Studio Tomahawk Preview Aetius & Arthur SAGA Supplement

47 days ago 11

Studio Tomahawk has put together a preview for their upcoming supplement to SAGA called Aetius & Arthur where they’ll be heading back into the Arthurian period for some bloody battles.

New Campaign Supplement For SAGA On The Way!

56 days ago 6

Studio Tomahawk has released some information for a new campaign booklet for SAGA.

Battle On With Charlemagne, Emperor Of The West For SAGA

72 days ago 10

Gripping Beast has recently added a new character to their roster for use in SAGA. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West looks set to lead armies to war.

Carry Crusader Era Banners Into Gripping Beast’s SAGA

239 days ago 2

Gripping Beast have added two new models to their roster for Salute 2016. If you’re looking to carry the banner into battle for SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross then these two warriors will be a good fit in your army.

Quarrelsome Heroes & Priests Coming To Salute For SAGA

242 days ago 8

Gripping Beast have shared two more of their character models coming to Salute this year for SAGA. We have both holy men and warriors who might share some of the aspects of each other hitting the tabletop.

Gripping Beast To Run Massive Swordpoint Demo At Salute

243 days ago 10

Gripping Beast are going to be running a Swordpoint demo at Salute 2016 (next week people!). This is a rules set which allows you to play out big battles from the Ancient, Dark Age and Medieval periods of history…

Campaign Book SAGA: Age Of The Wolf Coming From Gripping Beast

255 days ago 4

Gripping Beast have revealed more of a look inside the pages of SAGA: Age Of The Wolf which is going to be there way of playing out campaigns within the world of the Dark Ages.

Weekender XLBS: More Boardgame Love From Games Workshop & Must See Imperial Assault Paint Jobs

Weekender XLBS: More Boardgame Love From Games Workshop & Must See Imperial Assault Paint Jobs

261 days ago 43

Sit back and relax, it’s The Weekender XLBS. We have some really interesting topics this week including Games Workshop’s move to board games and a rather fantastic collection of Star Wars miniatures.

More War Banner Bearers Fight On In SAGA

264 days ago 7

Coming to Salute 2016 we have a whole bunch of additional SAGA miniatures from Gripping Beast. Leading the way into the battle and standing by their Warlords we have these War Banner Bearers for the factions featured in the second book…

Late Roman Legions Are Assembling From Gripping Beast

270 days ago 14

Gripping Beast have shown off the 3-Ups for their Late Roman Legions which will be the next big plastic release from them. See what you think of them, painted up by Darren Linington…

Worship With Three New Priests For SAGA This Month

304 days ago 4

Three New Priests have been shown off by Gripping Beast for the world of SAGA. Each of these will be available from the middle of February. As you can see we have a Pagan Priest, a Christian Priest and a Muslim Priest for the basic SAGA and The Crescent & The Cross…