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Dystopian Wars

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A group dedicated to Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games!

CoA questions (3 posts)

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  • Avatar Image wolflord6885p said 6 years ago:

    I’m trying to feside which nation to collect. At the moment i’m split between the FSA and CoA. But I have been able to find only limited info on CoA. So I’m hopping some one can answer a few questions about the CoA units.

    1) The battleship has a Partical Accelerater that has an * listed for range bands 2, 3 and 4. What dose the * refer to?

    2) CoA dive bombers. are they destroyed after they make a bombing run?

    3) when CoA carriers relaunch new TFT, can the TFT be what ever type I wish? Or must they always be the same type?

    I would be thakfull for eny information you can give me.

  • Avatar Image drunkbobnopants13p said 6 years ago:

    1) Partical Accelerater is a special weapon for the CoA, the initial range is 12″ any target in a straight line (on the same level) behind the first target also gets hit using the attack dice that missed in the first target (and so on for every target after that). Very powerful ability but with a short effect range. Good positioning makes this work especially well.

    2) Not destroyed but can ditch on purpose to allow another wing to be launched. Therefore, if they are down to one fuel after a bombing run you can do a full move spending the last fuel and ditching.

    3) At a relaunch you can specify what type of flyer wing they are and does not have to be the same as the previous wing. (Very handy for suicide runs but they’re drones so no-one becomes deceased.)

    I resemble that remark.
  • Avatar Image wolflord6885p said 6 years ago:

    Thank you. That was very helpful.