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Duster’s Frostgrave! (11 posts)

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  • Avatar Image duster203p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Well, it finally happened, my first painting blog on BOW! I decided to post a blog to keep myself on track with painting my Frostgrave stuff.

    I’ll start with my first 3 barbarian warriors: a simple archer, a custom made javelineer (had 25 barbarians thanks to a nickstarter, so why buy a metal one!) and a thief.

    Painted them using mostly the Army Painter method, the “dip” part was “painted” on since i still have 2 drop bottles to finish ;) . After the archer, i decided to add highlights for the other two and attempt to do eyes, something i rarely do out of fear of botching them but, i must admit i like the result on them!

    So, i’ll try to post regular updates, either of my warband, Frostgrave monsters or some small scenery pieces.

    See you later beasties!

  • Avatar Image georgesealy407p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Looks nice and clean, good work! Just a couple of thoughts:

    - are you going to put a highlight on the archer’s head? It’s crying out for a bit of shine :)
    - is that the final basing? If so, then a quick wash / dry brush to bring out the detail would work wonders.

    Looking forward to seeing more…

  • Avatar Image duster203p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Thanks @georgesealy

    Yeah, i get you with the archer, unfortunatly he is now sealed… I intended to make him a simple job (as for the rest of the warband) and i also completly forgot to finish the base before i sealed it. After i realised the goof i made with the base and really watch the archer i decided to put a bit more work for the rest of the gang (and double check the bases ;) ).
    Fortunatly, i have a few more archers to go!

  • Avatar Image mage6119p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Looking good so far. Reminds me of Middenheimers from Mordheim

  • Avatar Image duster203p said 9 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Thanks @mage and yeah, they kinda do.

    Here’s a quick WIP for my next 3.

  • Avatar Image duster203p said 8 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Finally some new stuff! Got stuck a bit on 2 of my models so, i’ve put them asside for a bit and painted some scenery…
    This is my ranger and the first of my warband to sport some facial paint/tatoo. It’s quite a simple thing, but i’ll try some new things for the next ones.
    After that, i’ve done one of the Red Herrings for the “Ulterior Motives” option and as a statue, it can be usefull in every game ;) i went for a less worn out look on this one, as if it’s under a protective spell or something…
    The next statue is a Reaper Bones 3, from the Graveyard Expansion i got with my KS. I painted this one more worn out and i plan to add some green flock in the future when i do a lot flocking (i don’t like to flock one or two minis at a time…) and eventually finish the Graveyard set to make a full graveyard along with some other pieces from GW to game on a full graveyard map!

    I’ll be trying to finish my two other guys from my WIP post along another scenery or maybe my “kitbashed’ barbarian apprentice!

  • Avatar Image beardragon142154p said 8 months, 2 weeks ago:

    Excellent job sir …. you should be well chuffed with your efforts

    Likes: KoW, DS, DB, DZ, AoS, MESBG, BB, WWX, GB, WM/H, AW and acronyms :-)
    Also likes: Dwarfs, Beer, Family, Good Friends, and Women with no taste in Men (thank god for them)
  • Avatar Image duster203p said 7 months ago:

    Finally managed to finish 2 more!

    It’s the story of a spearman who became by accident a “staffman” and his man-at-arms buddy.
    As i was prepping up to add a coat of varnish on my spearman, in a rare instance of damaging fumble on my part, i drop the mini and the speartip broke… never found the small tip on the carpet to glue it back together so, added a dab of paint on the broken part…

    Here’s a shot of my WIP: a simple thug.

    And a shot of my upcoming ones: Boudi from Hasslefree Miniatures and a scratchbuilt wizard/apprentice with pieces from a GW Wizard box and a Bones 3 staff!

    (doh, still haven’t found the right way to post the pics inside the text!)

  • Avatar Image evilstu911p said 7 months ago:

    Great progress, keen to see how this all comes together :)

  • Avatar Image duster203p said 6 months ago:

    Well, finally finished painting my thug with a sword! I changed varnish with this one (AP anti shine matt varnish) instead of the Testor dullcoat because of cost value but, dunno about the results, i think it’s still a bit shiny… maybe i didn’t shake the can enough? Who knows, i’ll see in the future with my next figures…

    And here’s a quick WIP update on my next 3, i added a Barbarian Knight into the mixt as no guys in the plastics could really pass for a chain mail guy…

  • Avatar Image duster203p said 2 months, 1 week ago:

    Finaly an update after a bit more than 3 months! Was sick in december and then i got painter’s block for a few weeks painted/glued some other stuff but now, i’m back on Frostgrave!

    Firt off: Boudi.
    I continue to try my hand at painting tatoos and this time, it’s a little bit better (Although not super visible on this pic! I’ll try another angle later).

    I then finished a “captain model”, or at least anyone with mail armor…

    This one is a little dark, and that’s why i turned him into a gingerhead (too many blonds at the moment)! He’s still not varnishe because of winter here so, i might try to light up the color a bit, or not, because i like him that way too.

    And finally, a little objective to round things up (my scratch built apprentice/wizard has been shelfed for now, no inspiration).

    That’s it for now!