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Duster’s Frostgrave! (5 posts)

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  • Avatar Image duster132p said 2 weeks, 1 day ago:

    Well, it finally happened, my first painting blog on BOW! I decided to post a blog to keep myself on track with painting my Frostgrave stuff.

    I’ll start with my first 3 barbarian warriors: a simple archer, a custom made javelineer (had 25 barbarians thanks to a nickstarter, so why buy a metal one!) and a thief.

    Painted them using mostly the Army Painter method, the “dip” part was “painted” on since i still have 2 drop bottles to finish ;) . After the archer, i decided to add highlights for the other two and attempt to do eyes, something i rarely do out of fear of botching them but, i must admit i like the result on them!

    So, i’ll try to post regular updates, either of my warband, Frostgrave monsters or some small scenery pieces.

    See you later beasties!

  • Avatar Image georgesealy71p said 2 weeks, 1 day ago:

    Looks nice and clean, good work! Just a couple of thoughts:

    - are you going to put a highlight on the archer’s head? It’s crying out for a bit of shine :)
    - is that the final basing? If so, then a quick wash / dry brush to bring out the detail would work wonders.

    Looking forward to seeing more…

    Current project log: Wood Elves and Skaven
  • Avatar Image duster132p said 2 weeks, 1 day ago:

    Thanks @georgesealy

    Yeah, i get you with the archer, unfortunatly he is now sealed… I intended to make him a simple job (as for the rest of the warband) and i also completly forgot to finish the base before i sealed it. After i realised the goof i made with the base and really watch the archer i decided to put a bit more work for the rest of the gang (and double check the bases ;) ).
    Fortunatly, i have a few more archers to go!

  • Avatar Image mage4302p said 1 week, 6 days ago:

    Looking good so far. Reminds me of Middenheimers from Mordheim

  • Avatar Image duster132p said 1 week, 6 days ago:

    Thanks @mage and yeah, they kinda do.

    Here’s a quick WIP for my next 3.