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Meanders 2 Digital Maps (700% Funded / 5 days to go) (2 posts)

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  • Avatar Image sorcerersapprentice5p said 12 months ago:

    Following a decision to cancel, re-work and relaunch the Meanders 2 Digital Map Terrain campaign it is now up and live again. Thankfully KS approved the new campaign in record time – and it is jam-packed with loads of extras for anyone that returns to back or backed Meanders 1 and it is also now 700% funded, 8 extra free maps have been unlocked, and there are still 5 days to go. I offer 48 maps for $25, + kitsets with vectors for making your own maps + there is 1 commercial license left from the 10 available to make and sell your own.

    Hope to see you guys there :)

    Kind Regards,


  • Avatar Image sorcerersapprentice5p said 12 months ago:

    Almost 900% funded, free maps sets of 4 Mountains, 4 Treetops, 4 Temples/Ruins now unlocked – more Stretch Goals added. 3 days to go. Dozens of new art samples added to updates. $3 World Meander Map option available. Commercial Licenses sold out.