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The Fall of Tharnoss – Chapter 1: The Blackening (PBP Game – DO NOT POST IF NOT IN GROUP) (589 posts)

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  • Avatar Image mage6056p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Dramatis Personnae:
    > Greygor Damonsson – @noyjatat
    > The Wanderer – @limburger
    > Ivaaste Voidarrow – @goggs
    > Orland Abandonato – @teabaron


    Greygor Damonsson
    Name: Greygor Daminson
    Race: Human
    Class: Tracker (if you are okay with that, butcher seems like an earlier thing in your past, your character seems to be making a life of tracking down this person
    Personality: Blunt, Practical, Driven
    Personal Quest: Avenge your Father’s murder

    Human Northman, lithe with a wiry strength and quickness.
    Chef/butcher, having spent many years under my father’s watchful eye at the inn before a fire took him and my home away from me.
    Short to the point of being blunt, practical and with little time for fun and games, a driven man older than his years. An even darker side bubbles below the surface, an anger born of loss that has brewed for 15 long years. Well hidden as I quest to find the Lord that stayed at my father’s inn the night before it burnt down. For I think it is by his hand that I lost all dear to me and led me away from my trade in the kitchen to other skills of the blade.
    Away two towns over collecting produce for the inn I wasn’t there the night it happened but came upon the ashes in the morning. My neighbours told me of a rich man, with a retinue that could only been that of a lord staying over. Since then I have marked my skin with ink showing every clue I have found and avenue explored. In time I will add the mark of the man that took my father when his blood is on the ground before me and the sweet rasp of his last breath is music to my ears.

    Bonuses and Abilities:
    > -1 damage from magic (due to tattoos)
    > +1 damage to enemies (knowing anatomy as a butcher’s son)
    > +2 to intimidate rolls (reputation, appearance and tattoos)
    > +2 to cooking (adventurers do need to eat)
    > As per the artwork you possess two blades (d6+1 damage each) and a throwing hatchet (d4 damage)
    > As-of-now unspecific runic power – d100 roll = 37

    The Wanderer
    Name: The Wanderer
    Race: Human?
    Class: Explorer
    Personality: Enigmatic
    Personal Quest: Avert the impending disaster

    Some say he’s a myth.
    Others say he’s as real as the dungeons of old.
    Details are vague as people tend to forget who he was even when he was there with them in the same room. Descriptions of his appearance tend to be vague and varied.
    It’s almost as if he is multiple people …
    Rumours say he’s not human. He might even be one of the exiled.
    Some consider him an omen, heralding a disaster of epic scale.
    Others say he simply appears when he’s needed most.
    The one thing they all agree on is his nick name : the Wanderer

    Bonuses and Abilities:
    > +1 to diplomacy rolls
    > +1 to intimidate rolls
    > +1 to scout/track/exploration rolls
    > Exquisitely crafted Wand – you can cast very basic magic through this without spending power from it (using it as a lighter, or a torch, etc.)
    > You can cast magic and dispel magic
    > As-of-now unspecific runic power – d100 roll = 83

    Ivasste Voidarrow
    Name: Ivaaste Voidarrow
    Race: female elf “The Exiled”
    Class: Ranger/Beastmaster
    Personality: Protector
    Personal Quest: Safeguard the boarders along the nightmare realm

    Ivaaste family left their homeland, a once lush floating forest city, many moons before the destruction of the Elves. Disillusioned with what the elves had become and weary of the limited forest to roam, they fled seeking the endless expanse of the world below. Upon leaving, her grandmother stole from the royal breeding pits two eggs, hatching later into twin Pseudodragons.

    They have been family companions ever since. She fought alongside the forces of M’Shar and saw the horrors of what’s sealed within the nightmare realm. She has vowed to protect the lands from any horrors that breach into the world.

    Bonuses and Abilities:
    > +2 on Animal Handling checks (helps with riding a mount, calming down an aggressive creature, falconry, etc.)
    > +1 to hit and +1 damage when attacking an enemy who is in melee combat with a party member (reflecting the personality of a protector)
    > +1 to scout/track/exploration rolls
    > +1 to survival
    > -1 to diplomacy rolls to non-Exiled elves – they aren’t trusted much by the other races as they tend to have an introverted culture
    > I’m giving you a bow, with quiver, and say… I dunno, ten arrows. Also, a shortsword and light wooden shield. The bow does d6 damage with a hit, and the sword does d6+1. The wooden shield is used to defend giving you +2 armour. If you decide to hit someone with it, it does d3 damage but cannot be used to give an armour bonus for the rest of the round.
    > As for the twin pets… hm. Twin Pseudo dragons, a male in bright vivid orange, and a female in a bright yellow. Name them.
    > As-of-now unspecific runic power – d100 roll = 25

    Orland Abandonato
    Name: Orland
    Race: Human from southern Rhivalos
    Class: Mercenary
    Personality: Wiry althletic build, Quick to laughter, enjoys the more base desires gambling, drinking, fighting etc
    Personal quest: I am seeking to earn enough fame and renown to set myself up with a comfortable life in old age, leave any family I might have in future with a good life.

    Seeing how wealthy merchants and nobles lived, at a young age I decided I wanted what they had. Not having enough wealth to start as a merchant I sought out a mercenary company to help me get closer to this goal. In the process I found out I had an aptitude for fighting. With the loss of the company in a disastrous campaign those of us who were left were too few in number to keep the company together. Since that day I have wandered round selling my sword arm to the highest bidder.

    Bonuses and Abilities :

    > +2 to gambling
    > +1 to influencing people (charismatic personality)
    > +1 to hit and +1 damage in unarmed combat (brawling)
    > +1 to trading (includes haggling and barter – you’ve been seeking renown for a while, not there yet but this isn’t your first rodeo)
    > I will give you… a set of leather armour with a bit of plate and a helmet. This will give you… 3 armour, and since your an experienced soldier it will not slow you down fighting. However, swimming or other stuff that would slow someone in armour and isn’t part of being a trained soldier will be very hard, with a -3 penalty.
    > H halberd (d8 damage), but please don’t turn your character into a Bron clone, but use his archetype and put your own twist on him. In fact, let that go for everyone.
    > As-of-now unspecific runic power – d100 roll = 96

    ***If someone likes the look of this game and wants to discuss it, but is not in the group, please start a thread separate to this.

  • Avatar Image mage6056p said 1 year, 1 month ago:


    (1) Do not post if not a member

    (2) If posting out of character, like as a question to the gm or direction as to what you do, post as ‘OOC: I sneak out of the pub.’ or ‘OOC: I don’t really understand what you mean, please repeat x and expand on y.’

    (3) Be honest with dice rolls

    (4) My word is final

    (5) If you are sneaky, PM me stuff you wanna do… heh heh heh

    (6) Please do not let the thread descend into chit chat, keep it quest and game relevant.

    (7) The game consists of a roll of 2d6 + a modifier against a target value:

    3 – simple difficulty
    5 – easy difficulty
    7 – average difficulty
    9 – difficult task
    11 – very difficult task
    13 – extremely difficult task
    15 – nigh impossible task
    17 – superhuman task

  • Avatar Image mage6056p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    All characters native to this region, Tharnoss, speak the language, Tharnosi., fluently.

    All characters native to Rhivalos speak the language, Rhivalosi, fluently.

    Since the two nations are neighbors and trading parties, members from one nation are at least half as fluent in the language of the opposite region.

    With that in mind the game beings:

    > Greygor Damonsson – @noyjatat
    > The Wanderer – @limburger
    > Ivaaste Voidarrow – @teabaron
    > Orland Abandonato – @goggs

    None of you have met yet. You all travel separately across the Western Steppes of the continent of Tharnoss. The wind is cold, but the snow that falls across most of the continent is no existent here, as you get a waft of the sea on the breeze. You know the western coast isn’t far, and beyond lies Rhivalos.

    The day is dry, the wind calming, and it is a couple of hours after noon. From your respective different paths, you spy a building in the distance. As you near it, you recognise it as an Inn. ‘The Windswept Mill’ is a rustic, large, somewhat weatherbeaten structure.

    OOC: the order in which the characters post is the order in which they arrive and enter the Inn.

    Within are farmers, wanderers, travellers, vagabonds, a couple of elves drinking together in a corner, and even a knight in brightly polished armour.

    The middle age innkeeper, balding with thinning hair and a magnificent but grimy beard hail you in Tharnosi.

    ‘What can I get you, weary traveller?’

  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Hello good sir… ale, food and news from the surrounding lands is what I could do with. And some raw meat for my two little friends here. You’ll find me over in the corner table.

    OOC Babd Catha sneaks off and finds a perch on the ceiling of the inn and settles down watching the occupants in particular the elves and the shiny knight!!!

  • Avatar Image mage6056p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    OOC: everyone has 30x4d6 silver

    @goggs ,the bartender is cordial and friendly. He serves a flagon of ale, and roast lamb shank in a meat juice gravy. He mentions trouble in a city to the north east, mentions a ship docked in a port town to the west is set for Rhivalos, and a town not too far away with a rail line.

    The publicans are somewhat startled but curious of your pets. After a while they accept them and continue on with their business, save the knight who sees them eyeing him up. Perhaps he shouldn’t have polished his plate so well.

  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    OOC 4d6 roll was 11 (5,3,1,2)!! Any rough guide on pricing?

    “Barkeep that was a fine shank and my little friends appreciate the bone. I’m curious of that trouble in the north east, tell me more? Also bring a drink to that knight, a man in an inn, in full polished armour could do with one.”

  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    OOC sensing the publicans settle Arawn goes to the rafters, hunting for vermin but scouting the pub while he does so.

  • Avatar Image teabaron36p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Spiced wine and something to eat please barkeep. May I say that is a magnificent beard you are sporting there.
    OOC looks round bar to see what amusements are on offer.
    OOC I have 330 silver 30×11

  • Avatar Image mage6056p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    @teabaron ‘your too kind ser. There’s lamb and beef onion stew on offer. I’ll get your wine while you ‘mull it over’ yar har!’

    OOC – Unless done in secret you can see things other players or the GM describes in posts. You see the knight slightly rattled, slowly drinking his flagon while one of the pseudo dragons gazed down at him from the rafters, almost longingly.

    @goggs OOC your bills for the room and food will come at the end. I’m not gonna screw anyone outta silver here though.

    ‘There were a lot of accidents at that industrial city, a few building collapsed, roof cave ins and such. I pray for those poor people. I’ll bring the knight a flagon of ale now.’

    Arawn swoops down to the ground to get a view of the floor, patrolling around for food and perhaps scraps of food.

  • Avatar Image teabaron36p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Ha har good one barkeep
    OOC i collect my drink and wander over to the knight.

    Mind if i join you?
    OOC pulls out a chair anyway and sits down.
    What brings you to this establishment?

  • Avatar Image mage6056p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    The knight sits alone, let people oblivious to him. His armour and Equipment are in immaculate condition. He seems odd when you speak with him, almost taken aback.

    ‘I’m simply stopping on my journey.’

  • Avatar Image limburger2135p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    A lone wanderer approaches the building as the sun is setting.
    It’s been a long day out on the road and the sight appears to fill him with joy.

    Then for a moment he stands still and sniffs the air … and his smile turns into a frown only for it to dissappear as he sniffs again.
    “somethings off …” he mumbles, “not good, nope .. not good at all. We’re going to need help …”

    His hand reach inside his cloak feeling the weight of his purse as if he’s mentally counting every single coin within …
    (OOC : I have 30 x (4,3,5,4) = 30 x 16 = 480 silver)
    “hmm … should be enough” he mumbles to himself.”still … best be prepared” as he reaches inside checking for something that’s hidden from view.

    He takes a deep breath, as if he’s mentally preparing himself for what is about to happen, and slowly but surely opens the door.

    The inn is like any other he’s seen in all his travels.
    No hold that thought. Those beasts aren’t.
    And they definitely don’t belong to the inn keeper as there’s an air of royalty in their behaviour.
    Scanning the room he spots their owner. Not many of those around these parts he thinks.

    Wait a minute … that innkeep was saying something.
    Must be a greeting by the sound of it. Thanosian native too.

    “ah yes my dear fellow. I need food for thought and a place to sleep.
    Something tells me you’ve heard something so out with it. There’s shiny to be had if ye be true”

    festina lente cauta fac omnia mente
  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Those poor souls, thank you for the news.

    OCC i return to my corner and sip on my ale as I observe the new traveler sit down with the knight. Babd Catha seems oddly taken with the knight or maybe it’s his armour but I keep my eye on her.

  • Avatar Image goggs51p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Mmmhhh how quick the new arrival spotted my beasts and not startled by them either, interesting. I notice him scan the room no doubt looking for the owner, I nod and give a half smile when his gaze falls on me.

  • Avatar Image teabaron36p said 1 year, 1 month ago:

    Ooc to the knight

    You musthave some interesting adventures to share how about i get us a round and you tell me some

    Barkeep an ale and another spiced wine