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The Legend of the Five Rings thread (6 posts)

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  • Avatar Image redben7113p said 6 days, 9 hours ago:

    I know there’s some former L5R CCG players here, and some folks interested in FFG’s reboot, so here’s a thread to keep track of everything leaking out of FFG towers ahead of the release, and discussion thereof.

    Here’s the articles introducing and explaining the new rules -

    The clan-specific info started this week with the left-hand of the emperor, the Crane. Artists, duellists, and courtiers. Whilst their armies may not be the most powerful in Rokugan, they can defeat you without ever having to resort to the battlefield.

    The Crane are the subject of the first official fiction for the rebooted storyline, meaning as of now, this is literally 100% of the canon.

    It confirms we’re back right at the start of the storyline, before the Clan War which kicked off the CCG twenty-two years ago. Reflecting our more diverse times, Doji Hotaru (pictured below) has been gender-swapped, and in a diversity two-fer, is still in an affair with Bayushi Kachiko, wife of the Scorpion Clan champion.

    Also of note is the throwaway reference to Yoritomo as a mysterious pirate. In the original setting, Yoritomo was champion of the Mantis, the largest of the minor clans who were raised to major clan status by Yoritomo during the Clan War. The Mantis are conspicuous by their absence from the core box, and FFG have been tight-lipped on whether they’ll be increasing the number of factions in the game.

    FFG usually give card previews to podcasts, and are doing the same with L5R. The first hit this week, and is unsurprisingly a Crane card. This card will look familiar to players of A Game of Thrones LCG as its affects are identical to a card in that game.

    The second card preview has been released, also for Crane. This time it’s the Doji Gift Giver.

    I’ll be updating this post as more is released. Feel free to discuss any of it below.

  • Avatar Image emptynessisform843p said 6 days, 8 hours ago:

    thanks @redben.
    as you know this will be my first card game so while i’m enjoying the articles i’m flying blind a bit until it drops. the art is another matter though and Doji Hotaru is looking spectacular as a women, hope this is the sort of thing we can get used to.
    i’m looking forward to it immensely and the weekly story arc is only going to fuel the fire.

    any idea what’s happening with the RPG ?

  • Avatar Image redben7113p said 6 days, 7 hours ago:

    There’s been nothing on an rpg as of yet. I’d be surprised if they don’t do one at some point, though.

  • Avatar Image mage3997p said 5 days, 7 hours ago:

    I dont follow this game much but are people not a tad cheesed that the history and setting has been softly rebooted?

  • Avatar Image redben7113p said 5 days, 7 hours ago:

    There are a lot of people who have no history with the CCG and are jumping on board with the LCG, so for those it doesn’t much matter. For those who did play the CCG there’s been no great nerd rage. It’s been almost two years since the sale so people have had a lot of time to get used to the fact the CCG is dead and the LCG will be something new.

    During the long period when there was no information there was a lot of speculation on the storyline, and there was a small minority who felt that the storyline should carry on from where it left off, but I’ve not seen anything to that effect since we started getting actual information. Most people figured a reboot of some sort would happen as the game would need to have an easy jumping on point, and asking new players to learn twenty years of story just to catch up wasn’t realistic. It helps that Clan War is the most iconic part of the storyline. Most of the well-known characters date from this storyline even though it ended for the CCG back in 1997. It was the setting for the RPG for a while after that too.

    Overall the mood has been one of excitement to (finally) start playing the game and to see where FFG will take the rebooted setting and how interactve it will be.

  • Avatar Image redben7113p said 3 days, 7 hours ago:

    New Crane card added.