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TRYING A NEW GENRE – Jumping into Fantasy Wargaming (186 posts)

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  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 7 months ago:

    Good afternoon, Beasts of War!

    Recently I traveled to Canada to visit my friend @cpauls1 who invited me to join his epic fantasy-themed battle game, run in TSR’s 1st Edition Battlesystem. The full details of this adventure are being chronicled in the article series currently in progress (Parts 01 and 02 are linked below).

    As always, however, there is a pile of material we can’t fit into the articles. Therefore, when I run an article series I usually start a “supporting thread” where all these materials can be added.

    Also, this gives other fans of the genre a chance to add their own stories, photos, lists, miniatures, maps, WIPs, etc.

    So here is just the first taste of what @cpauls1 and I will be posting over the next few weeks. If you’re interested, please take a moment to check out the articles. Or even better, post below with your own fantasy-themed tables, war stories, miniature armies, etc!

    Articles so far (two more parts to come):

    Some of the images we weren’t able to fit in the articles:

    Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary – Begins January 30, 1968
    Historical Editor – Beasts of War
  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 7 months ago:

    Another handful of the photos of @cpauls1 ‘s miniatures and table:

    Pikemen infantry in a phalanx: 18 figures, three ranks of six.

    “Landless and Restless” mercenary infantry spearmen

    “Landless and Restless” mercenary longbowmen and brigade command group

    Skirmisher light cavalry (mounted bowmen). The purple-based figures behind them are the Priests of Anthos.

    Probably our most powerful hero that day.

  • Avatar Image zorg3591p said 7 months ago:

    the army’s look brilliant. @oriskany

  • Avatar Image mecha822357p said 7 months ago:

    Those look really good.

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 7 months ago:

    All @cpauls1 ‘s minis. :) I was just a guest player and “war correspondent” that tried to not lose too badly. :D

  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Thanks for firing this up @oriskany ! :-) Just home from work and on my way to bed, but may have more to post on here tomorrow.

  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    BTW @oriskany , there were 24 stands of pike in that company, three ranks of eight ;-) . It was the biggest unit on the board, and therefore worrying, as it takes longer to get a morale check (25% casualties). They could also fight three-deep and were AC4 to my orcs’ AC5 (lower is better).

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    What nonsense are you babbling about, @cpauls1 ? You say that phalanx is eight figures across? I’m looking right at the photo and it’s clearly visible right there in the photo that there are only one, two, three, four, five, six, uh . . . seven, umm . . . eight . . . oh. :|

    See, I told you I was terrible at this game. :D

  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    To qualify my statement concerning detail on Reaper Bones models, I’ve posted a few painted examples.

    Here’s a model I used for my last painting class… plenty of detail!

    Of course, where Bones models really shine is the big critters! You can buy a whole unit of big beasties for the cost of one of ‘the other guy’s’ models. Here’s a Bones hill giant that I’ve painted as a stone giant, as he’s huge. It’s a Tre Manor sculpt, and only $8.99. Of course I bought six of them.

    A few things to note on Bones figures: the production models, in my experience, are of higher quality than the Kickstarter pieces, which only makes sense. You can imagine the factory churning out thousands of the same model to meet the Kickstarter commitment in a ‘timely fashion’ — quality is bound to take a hit… and of course you still won’t get your models in a timely fashion.

    Second, there may be inconsistencies within the production models as well. If shopping at your LGS, take a close look at each figure before making your selection. Those cast later, from the same mold, will have less detail than earlier pieces — rounded ears/weapons are a sure warning sign.

    Third, the plastic can be ‘stiffened’ somewhat by holding the model in boiling water for thirty seconds, and then immersing it in an ice bath for the same amount of time. If the model is bent, this will also bring the model back to its original form (mostly). I then use soapy water to get rid of the mold release. When the model is dry I prime it with most any flat spray primer (even Walmart Colorplace), despite what Reaper says about their figures being ready to paint right out of the blister pack.

    Finally, if there’s a lot of detail, I apply a wash to the model to figure out what everything is.

    In the last few years Reaper has moved Bones production to the U.S., at least in part. They’re recalling the more popular molds from China and systematically replacing the ‘Made in China’ portion of the mold with ‘Made in U.S.A.’… so some of the models that say ‘China’ are actually made in America now. It’s explained in this factory tour video:

    I recently had a discussion with someone who couldn’t grasp the concept, or perhaps had trouble parsing the tense ‘now.’ Then again, he may have been stuck in some twisted Mandela Effect temporal rift where his models say ‘Made in China’ but used to say ‘Made in U.S.A.’ Whatever the case, I grew weary of trying to explain it, and won’t be wasting any more copy on that subject here.

    Off to another painting class. I’ve got a few Bones ‘Fenari’ models to demonstrate with. I’ll post a pic or two if I get them done. :-)

  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    @oriskany You certainly weren’t ‘terrible’ at that game! Your PC support was an epic fail, but you gave a good accounting of yourself anyway! :-)

    As you know, when you have to paint, or repaint in this case, models and have a time crunch, you know exacting how many $%%^ing models there are. :-)

  • Avatar Image oriskany12756p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    I should probably let @cpauls1 “write up” the figures and images below, since he obviously knows more about them. :D

    I just love the wolf pelts on these priests. :D

  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    @oriskany I’ll post more info on them to fill in the blanks after the fourth article, but will of course answer any questions people have now. :-)

    Not sure what photos are in the next two articles, so will hold off on posting more at the moment.

  • Avatar Image limburger2093p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    @cpauls1 :
    I noticed the rank&file have colour coded bases, which kind of makes sense as it makes it easy to identify them as a single unit.
    However I also noticed that the characters appear to have a variety of bases.
    There is the red dwarf with a hexagonal base whereas other characters have round bases.
    I’m referring to these pictures in oriskany’s post :

    festina lente cauta fac omnia mente
  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    As promised, more Bones stuff, the Fenari model (wip) I demonstrated with yesterday.

    The transitions aren’t nearly as harsh in real life, but you get the idea. Plenty of detail on Bones models. These figures are for a Lumina command group for my missus’ brigade… coming soon to a another Battlesystem rumble! I have 12 of these models.

  • Avatar Image cpauls16102p said 6 months, 4 weeks ago:

    @limburger There’s no rhyme or reason to the character bases, for the most part. Anything on a square or rectangular base represents up to 10 troops, but less for bigger critters. Anything four hit dice or more represents five troops (like ogres), anything over eight represents 2 troops (like storm giants).

    As for the colours of the bases, I could tell my two orc brigades apart at a glance as one had red bases, the other black. Also, their colour schemes were quite different, one dominated by black and orange, the other by red and tan.

    Individuals can have any kind of base, but I always paint the command group to match their units. PC’s, on the other hand, get whatever suits my fancy, or the player’s idea of what they want their model to look like. For the two models in question, the red priest was a non-PC add-on to give the command group the ability to defeat Silence and Darkness attacks.

    The blue bugler and standard were also a last-minute addition, as I didn’t have time to paint the Teutogen bugler and standard. They are a generic Sun Empire command group. Hope that answers your question. :-)