The fifth Stretch Goal has been unlocked. :)

The Kickstarter opened and funded its initial goal of $27,000 in less than a day, and now 3 days later has already past 5 of its Stretch Goals, adding to the Core Starter Set.

Wave 1 Shipping has now filled up, but the second Wave is ready. :)

For Australian/European backers, you will have to go with Wave 4 if you want to avoid VAT, since they will use freight for shipping that Wave.

For US and Canadian backers, standard post will be necessary.

The only goal so far that frees Backers from shipping costs is the $500 level (note: Canadian currency). There is also a $350 retailer level, but you must provide proof of brick and mortar status with a photo and e-mail to President Dubois and Mr. McLeod who are running the Kickstarter.

The Heavy Gear Blitz Beta is rough, but it is free, and it will be worked on. It is cutting its last ties with the RPG side of things.

Right now Mr. Dubois and Dave both are answering questions and comments by others on the Kickstarter as often as possible, and other fans are chiming in with information as they feel necessary.

This Kickstarter can present folks with that opportunity to get into the game and support the company transitioning over to plastic, but more importantly it is an opportunity for newcomers to join the game for a pittance.

Let’s consider the reward levels you can select from:

$65 – Army Set – You don’t have to wait until it gets unlocked. You can pledge the $65 by going into the Reward Levels, choosing $1, then use the Fundafull calculator for your shipping costs (in Canadian dollars, so exchange rates vary), and then pledge that amount and wait for the Stretch Goal to unlock. Once the Reward is posted, all you have to do is go to ‘Manage Your Pledge’ and pick the appropriate Reward.

$80 – Basic Set – 16 miniatures. Not many go this route, but if you’re stretched and you want a pairing of the four 4-Gear cadres/squadrons that make up the North and South for introduction games, or even as a gift, it’s not a bad deal.

$115 – Core Set – Of course, the full Monte here. We’re already looking at the original 16 miniatures, 2 Grizzlies, 2 Spitting Cobras, 2 Iguanas, 2 MHT-95s, and 2 FLAIL squads. If you and a friend want to, you can chip in 75 each (the $115 goes up another $15 for shipping costs, so I dumped an extra $17 into my Pledge, and I’m planning on saving in the later days of November so it rolls through smoothly in my account), and split the forces between yourselves.

$350 – The basic retailer set isn’t a bad deal either. You get 6 copies of the Basic Starter Set. $80 each normally. Just providing proof of brick and mortar set-up by taking a picture of your storefront and getting in touch with Mr. Dubois or Dave. US and Canadian stores have the shipping included in the cost of $350, but for the international fronts they’ll get hit pretty hard.

$500 – For the storefronts who want free shipping. The entire Core Starter Set plus Stretch Goals, plus $385 worth of add-on rewards you can choose from.

One of the bigger bonuses of Pledging right now is not only does it give the Kickstarter more facetime, but it also Unlocks all the Stretch Goals you know are in line waiting. You already know what you’re getting with this. There isn’t any wait time for seeing what comes next, you already know it’s there.

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God bless, all.

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