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New to Bolt Action: Desperately need help… (11 posts)

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  • Avatar Image akblu113p said 4 months ago:

    Hi there community! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been tabletop gaming.

    Anyways, straight to the point i’ve gotten into “Bolt Action” and purchased the “Band of Brothers Starter Kit” (my wife bought me a airborne light mortar, airborne 57mm AT gun, and Airborne Sniper squad as well). However I just made a 500pt list to start.

    Played my first game as them today…got ROYALLY stomped…and my opponent and club mates were less than helpful in giving me good feedback on my list or what to do…

    Here is my list:
    1 Second Lieutenant “Veteran” with SMG + 1 infantry with SMG “Veteran” – 78pts

    1 Veteran Paratrooper Squad (Late), 1NCO with SMG, 2SMG, 5Rifle, 1BAR, Anti-tank Grenades – 158pts

    1 Veteran Paratrooper Squad (Late), 1NCO with SMG, 2SMG, 5Rifle, 1BAR, Anti-tank Grenades – 158pts

    1 MMG “Regular” – 50pts

    1 Sniper Team “Regular” with 2SMG – 56pts

    Total List 500pts on the nose.

    This was all created using “”

    This list played like poop… It was a team game, 2v1…my ally had a sherman and multiple rangers (500pts), our opponent was 1000pts, 2 sniper teams, all infantry had SMGs only, and a KV-1 tank.

    It was aweful. I was terrified to dive into his units just because of all the SMGs…

    Was I just being a big chicken? Later he told me I should’ve just charged constantly…but I was 100% sure that would’ve just ended the game faster for my little men.

    I just need help building a list, more importantly understanding WHY the list is built the way it is and how to play the Americans….

    Can someone please help me?

    I’d like to stay with a more “historical” list, around the time of D-Day paratroopers using the starter box models and the above mentioned supplemental units.

    Any and all help is much appreciated.

  • Avatar Image avernos1768p said 4 months ago:

    Mmmm sounds like a barrel of laughs with those guys ;)
    I don’t see anything inherently wrong with what you have. I’m stuck in work for the next 4 hours so when i get home I will give a comprehensive answer. Apart from equipment match up did you see how many dice he had for his force and

    “Daemons and Shit!” -BoW Lloyd 2017

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  • Avatar Image akblu113p said 4 months ago:

    Yea it was interesting to say the least. I felt bad for my ally…he just kept rolling bad and whenever he would give advice our opponent would give his own advice since he was “teaching” me at the same time.

    In the end my “teacher” / opponent told me, “yea, I wouldn’t have played your army at all like that.” although i followed his advice the whole time…lol.

    My teammate and I had a collective group of 10 dice (5 each). Our opponent had 12 dice? He had a lot….I just know that. Mainly cause he had 2 snipers and conscripts.

    Again, much appreciate any insight or help you can offer. I really like the game, but going from a fun game as the 500pt starter box german army to the plays like poop 500pt american starter box army was really not fun. (I did lose with my waffen ss germans too… but that was because I made a dumb error of getting too close to chindits….who went on a close combat assault spree)

    On a side note…how do you counter chindits as Waffen SS? Just spam fire at them?

  • Avatar Image a27cromwell87p said 4 months ago:

    Might be better to play with an exact copy of your opposing force , no tanks , no special dudes , just a platoon of grunts each , and maybe a mg and howitzer . Get to know how the cannon fodder works 1st before getting involved in tanks , snipers , AOs , etc . Not as much fun for your opponent ( experienced player ) but how much fun for you to get wiped out in your 1st game . Work your way through each turn , maybe even redo a turn or two , trying a different tactic. Your there to learn , your opponent shouldn’t be there to win

  • Avatar Image tibour197p said 4 months ago:

    I would agree with a27cromwell here. If you can’t get an intro game just divide your minis and go through the motions your self. It will help you get a feel for the basics.

  • Avatar Image koraski708p said 4 months ago:

    I’ve had similar problems in low point matches in other games. Some armies just don’t work well at some point levels.

    My suggestions are try fielding regular squads instead of veteran. You’ll get more men on the table and your early games will be more forgiving. Make a mistake with a high point veteran squad and your screwed. Make the same mistake with regulars or conscripts and well there’s plenty more where they came from! Once you get more experience and/or move on to higher point levels you can go back to trying an elite force.

    I’d also suggest asking your more experienced opponents if you can swap armies for a game or two. Then you can get a feel for how theirs plays and see how they handle yours. This can both be a learning experience and quite humbling if you still get wiped out even using their list vs your own.

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  • Avatar Image olliep928p said 4 months ago:

    @koraski said:
    My suggestions are try fielding regular squads instead of veteran.

    Not possible, US AIrborne squads are only available as veterans

    Nothing wrong with your list as a starter. I think as noted above, smaller games with smaller units tend to hurt a lot more due to the game pinning mechanics and to be honest, your “opponent” sounds a bit of a dick if that was his idea of an intro game. Soviets will always have the upper hand in terms of numbers and if he’s spamming conscript squads with SMGs, weight of fire alone will win him the game, especially if his targets are only small squads.

    At 500pts you’re not going to get much in so don’t blame yourself for that one. My first suggestions would be get up to a 1k list before you try playing this guy again, at least you’re on an even keel then:
    - Bulk up and add more squads to a minimum of 8 men per squad
    - Get some armour support, a Hellcat or a Sherman are both viable in historic terms
    - If you’re facing him again with conscript spam, a Forward Artillery Observer could spoil his day. The trick with them is to keep them hidden (so the snipers can’t hit them), leave them as the final unit in your turn to activate, fire their artillery and if all goes to plan with dice rolls, at the start of the next turn you can really spoil your opponents plans.

    As an army, keep the squads moving. US can move and shoot (rifles) with no penalties so make use of it. Focus their fire on one unit until it has a couple of a pin markers on it, and being conscripts will have a lower Ld value already so whilst you can’t wipe them out you can render them ineffective for a turn or two, then move onto the next unit and repeat.

  • Avatar Image koraski708p said 4 months ago:

    @olliep said:
    Not possible, US AIrborne squads are only available as veterans

    I meant he could either proxy the airborne as regulars for a few games till he gets used to the system or build up a few new squads of regulars for now and add or sub in the airborne when they get to higher point games.

    In any case, large mobs of smg regulars/conscripts are really easy to play and very tough to beat at low point level games so don’t feel like you were drastically out generaled.

  • Avatar Image boaz102p said 3 months, 4 weeks ago:

    My old rule of thumb with a new game system is … expect to lose the first 20 games or so just to get around the learning curve … anything better than that and and your doing fine.

    Really when you think about it you learn more from a lose than a win … could you have focused you fire to pin down lead units ? would a light howitzer helped more that a MMG ? should your units have hugged cover better and maxed out veteran unit survivability ? All questions another game or 3 could answer … don’t worry about a win in the first few games as much as watching how the other players are using their units and maximizing their advantages / synergies.

    Min-Maxing the mathhammer since 1st edition.
  • Avatar Image avernos1768p said 3 months, 4 weeks ago:

    Sorry between night shift and being dragged up the road to film the weekenders I never got back to this.
    I don’t feel that your list selection is particularly poor or even that it isn’t viable.
    Really what it came down to is your opponent had more points to play with, since you and your friend were both having to pay to unlock units twice with the compulsory choices and he only had to do it once. A combined 1000pt list written at once and then split up would be more even.
    Beyond that I agree with what @olliep said fire and maneuver are what the yanks do best, play to that strength.

  • Avatar Image akblu113p said 3 months, 3 weeks ago:

    Thanks all for the advice.

    I put together a new list, looking forward to trying it. This time a 1000pt list. Using a lot of learning lessons this time around.