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Tabletop Simulator (6 posts)

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  • Avatar Image thebloke4p said 10 months ago:

    Does anyone play any wargames on Tabletop Simulator? I’m looking to get into Bolt Action and Blood and Plunder but I dont know anyone that plays nearby.

  • Avatar Image koraski710p said 10 months ago:

    I have TS and it’s a fun program. I’m not convinced it will work well for games that require measurement for movement and weapon ranges. It seems best for board and card games. Things where piece placement is based on hexes, grids, squares, etc should be good though. I’m sure you COULD make bolt action or 40k work but I found it’s a bit hard to get exact placement when moving pieces around and very easy to knock over things accidentally.

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  • Avatar Image lordtothe266p said 10 months ago:

    I don’t think it’s the best option despite its built-in tape measure and other tools. Perhaps a skirmish-level game could work, but not something with too many pieces.

  • Avatar Image jahatch28149p said 10 months ago:

    I know there is a viable Guild Ball version/mod… but yeah, that is only 6-7 models and the ball per side… you can set the model handling settings so there is no ‘drop/fall’ for the models.. and it might be that you can move groups of models together (not sure?)… I’m also not sure how much you can adjust the table size (3×3? 4×4? 4×6? etc)….

    It might be a very good way to remotely play small games and learn some of the rules… like set up a small skirmish or ship to ship boarding action or something similar vs trying to play a full 6 turn game with 3-4 units + tanks + snipers (for Bolt Action)…

    but if you are digitally savvy or know of a program that lays the foundations for you I’m sure it could work at least a bit… I know that MERCS (also skirmish based, 5 models per side) had 2D boards that translated well to something like a tabletop simulator… you could do something similar with Bolt Action or Blood and Plunder (while something like Drowned Earth probably wouldn’t work well due to the real 3D nature of the game and LOS, etc)…

  • Avatar Image lordtothe266p said 10 months ago:

    I could see Kings of War working, since it is based on regimental blocks and no individual models are ever removed.

  • Avatar Image thebloke4p said 10 months ago:

    You are right that it wont be as good as the real thing, however I have a few points:
    -distances can be measured by holding tab, including while picking up objects (good for moving units etc)
    -terrain and scenery can be locked (right click menu or shortcut L), so you dont have to worry about selecting it or knocking it over
    -you can drag select objects, usefull for moving whole units. You can also link object together if you want the unit to act as a single object (using the link tool)
    -the largest default table is around 4′ by 8′, and there are custom tables much larger
    -you can get a pretty good idea of line of sight by zooming in on the model in question
    -its better than nothing! :P

    Overall it is a little finnicky at times, and if custom objects have bad collision models you may end up having problems placing your units, however you can always move them over the place you want them and press L to lock them in place.

    There are also various bolt action armies available on the workshop including tanks with working turrets! Im currently setting up a test game using the Savage Worlds Showdown rules to see how well they work.