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Feralgheist?! (4 posts)

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  • Avatar Image mdrake19p said 6 years ago:

    I was having a look at the themed armies for the different circle warlocks, and i noticed that Cassius The Oathkeeper has as the first thing under Solos something called a Feralgheist. Can anyone tell me what this is, and why it isent in the fraction book?

  • Avatar Image akroma197956p said 6 years ago:

    Its a Minion; which is why its not in our faction book; for 1 point that is ethereal with no attacks a one health box… If its next to a warbeast friend or foe (within its command area), when the beast dies then he can “jump into it” and you keep the warbeast with a health box in each aspect. Then he comes back when the beast dies again. He isnt too bad for a point. But it helps to know that there are beasts on both sides to take advantage of.

  • Avatar Image mdrake19p said 6 years ago:

    Ah, that explains a lot, still bit to learn about the iron kingdom setting, but im liking it more and more. Thanks akroma1979. (btw, if 1979 is your year of birth, im just as old as you, funny that….)

  • Avatar Image akroma197956p said 6 years ago:

    yeah it is, ccoming up on another birthday in fact… and not that ANYONE wants to know, but akroma is the nickname Ive given my wife, since she is a fierce beauty