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Hordes and Metal Miniatures (3 posts)

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  • Avatar Image klytus said 6 years, 6 months ago:

    Hi All,

    Had my first game of Hordes this Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. As such I’m looking to start a Trollbloods force.

    However, I’m not a fan of metal miniatures (for various reasons) and was wondering if someone could fill me in on the situations regarding Privateer Press (specifically Trollbloods) and metals/plastics.

    What Trollbloods figs come in plastics? Are PP moving towards an all plastics/resin range?


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  • Avatar Image ade73770p said 6 years, 6 months ago:

    Hi @klytus thought you may find this interesting:

    I think you will have to deal with metal minis for sometime before the majority of the range is non metal. I have heard they are working on plastic warpack boxes not sure when they will be out?
    I assume that over time all of the range will be plastic/resin, it would make a lot of sense, given that the Warmachine boxed set is out soonish (all plastic/resin minis).
    To be honest i would prefer non metal myself (although i can deal with modeling and painting them) the plastic/resin is so much easier to transport.

  • Avatar Image dais1253p said 6 years, 6 months ago:

    PP are not moving to all plastic, but they are slowly replacing certain models, like warbeasts and heavy infantry, with plastic. I think within the next two years we will see some plastic beasts, warpacks, some heavy infantry, and a 2 player starter. Don’t hold your breath for any of this though. We know plastic beasts are coming, but aside from that, it could be quite a long time for further developments.
    There are also some models that do not make sense in plastic, like warlocks, solos, and some small based units. I doubt we will see a plastic Borka or Janissa for a very long time.

    Below is a link to my old painting log. It is not up to date but it has a lot of my older painted stuff.