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Looking at Trolls to start (8 posts)

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  • Avatar Image raurik9p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    So I originally was looking at skorne to start, but realized I liked the Trollbloods a bit better. The current list I was thinking was:

    Cptn Gunnbjorn
    Impaler(? maybe)

    3 Longriders
    Horthol ridin with ‘em

    Thats all i got for now, would that be a decently balanced list of range and melee? Should i add more? anything that wouldnt help that i already have? any help would be appreciated :) thanks!

    2000 Point Blood Angels — 2-0-0
  • Avatar Image beerogre1459p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    Trolls play differrently from the Skorne, they’re not necessarily worse.

    However, the Impaler is a poor chice of warbeast for Gunbjorn.

    His Explosivo spell changes their ranged attack into an AoE:3″. However, the rules for explosive means that the battle spear loses the Thrown Weapn trait on the blast damage meaning it will be POW:2… also Gunbjorn’s Snipe doesn’t stack with Far Strike.

    Gunbjorn works best with guns… he’s proper soldier afterall! :)

    Pyg Burrowers
    Pyg Bushwackers
    Thumper Crew
    Trollkin Scattergunners
    Trollkin Sluggers (these guys are the best by far!)

    Are all amazing with Gunbjorn’s Guided Fire spell, but for Warbeasts you want to look towards Troll Blitzers… again… Guided Fire for boosted attack rolls and D3 shots per turn make them truely a monster!

    As for Light Warbeasts, I alsways try to go for Troll Axers if I can. They’re a good general attack warbeast that you can keep in reserve, riling them for FURY, until they’re needed to charge forward and take out anything that breaks your gun line.

    Hope that helps…

    Long Suffering Editor of Beasts of War

    Level 100 Moderator (with STR:30 & maximum hit points)… wielder of Trollsplatter… the mighty Admin-Hammer +5!

  • Avatar Image raurik9p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    Thanks Andy! That helped alot (and thanks on my skorne thread too :D )

    I definitely wanna play Gunnbjorn because lets face it, a troll with a bazooka is pretty damn badass haha.

    Would it be smart to put a bouncer or two with him just in case anyone tries an assassination rush at Gunnbjorn? or would the Axers be better for defense since they are more combat-killy?

    I definitely wanna try to add Longrunners if they aren’t bad with Horthol, since they were the models that made me consider Trolls.

    After reading your input, what I would probably run (if it’s decently competitive) is


    3 Longrunners
    -with Horthol

    5 Sluggers (or 2 squads of 3 and 3 if they can be fielded that way)

    2 Thumper crews

    Plan would be to kinda sit back with the shooting and when the enemy gets close enough ill charge with the longrunners and bouncers to knock the enemy around.

    Would this be a smart strategy with trolls? Also, this seems like a larger force, how many points would this be running me roughly?

    Thanks again! Go BoW!

    PS. when are those warpack unboxings gonna be out I saw you talking about in a previous thread ;)

  • Avatar Image beerogre1459p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    The best tactics for Gunbjorn is to use the brand new “Trollkin Gunline”! ;)

    Cast Snipe on Gunbjorn and a Thumper (you only need 1 Thumper), then shell anything within range.

    As the enemy moves forward, you switch to Guided Fire and let everything shoot… Gunbjorn (boosting damage)… Sluggers… Blitzers (boosting damage)… Thumper… everything!

    If there’s anything left, use your feat to give all your guys extra DEF, Then move your Light Warbeasts up to deal with the survivors.
    Axers are good because they hit harder, but the Bouncer is better if something breaks through your lines and threatens Gunbjorn.
    I would still take an Axer and leave a FURY (or two) on Gunbjorn to transfer damage.

    Longriders can be used to counter charge anything that survives your couple of turns of gunfire… the big problem is they are expensive… so expensive that you might have to drop a Light Warbeast in order to take them. That’s pretty bad, two Axers are much more flexible than the Longriders, simply due to the fact you can transfer and spread the damage.

    I don’t have my cards on me ATM, so I have to use the Warmachine Gizmo (which isn’t always correct)… for 15pts I would go for this…

    X1 – Captain Gunbjorn – Warlock – +5pts
    X2 – Troll Axer – Light Warbeast – 6pts
    X1 – Thumper Crew – Unit – 3pts
    X1 – Trollkin Sluggers – Unit (3 man) – 5pts

    For 25pts, I would add…

    X1 – Troll Blitzer – Heavy Warbeast – 9pts
    X1 – Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew – Unit – 1pt

    Then Increase the size of the Slugger unit and add more units of shooters.

    That’s my thinking anyway… ;)

    As for the Warpacks, they should be here on Monday, but when will the actual vids will be up… unfortunately, that depends on the editing schedule. :(

    BoW Andy

  • Avatar Image raurik9p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    Awesome, Thanks again for the help :)
    I think I’m gonna go with the 15 pt list you suggested but just swap out an axer for a bouncer, just to try out a strategy… If there’s anything left when the enemy gets to me I’ll have the bouncer take the hits, then use his shield to push the enemy back (I think thats how his rule works?), then on my turn get another round of shooting at the enemy, then if anything is still there, go get em with the Axer. Would that work or just blow up in my face heh.

    Also, just a general question about the warlocks upkeep spells… Would I be able to cast the same spell (like snipe, guided fire, etc) on different units in the same turn as long as my fury allows it? Or can only one type of spell be cast on one unit per turn?

    Thanks again! :)

    blah who needs a schedule ;) just send me the raw footage ill chop it up for ya :D

  • Avatar Image beerogre1459p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    The Bouncer/Axer might work well… what you’ll learn about my play style is I find that the dest defence is an all-out offence… so I woud take Axers.

    The idea that you can push enemies away with the Bouncer’s shield is a good one, but killing multiple enemies with the Axer’s Thresher & Reach combo is more my style! ;)

    In the build above, you have both Gunbjorn and the Thumper that can knock enemies down. Once knocked down, Thresher/Reach is savage!!!

    You can save FURY to boost damage rolls or to buy extra attacks (I usually go for attacks) and auto-hit in melee… monstrous… I do it with my Magnus Agenda force all the time, a Renegade’s obliterator shot, followed up by a Mangler loaded with FOCUS is a game winner.

    As for upkeep spells, you can cast spells multiple times on units, but the same effect doesn’t stack up…

    For example – If Gunbjorn casts Sniper on himself and then casts an Impaler’s Animus (Far Strike) on himself as a spell, he doesn’t get RNG +8″… as both Snipe and Far Strike grant the Snipe effect (i.e. RNG:+4″).

    However, if you used Guided Fire and cast Explosivo on a Pyg Bushwhacker (for example), it’s ranged shot would become magical and an AoE:3″. It would also roll 3D6 on ranged attack rolls, as both these effects are different.

    Hope that helps…

    BoW Andy

  • Avatar Image raurik9p said 7 years, 4 months ago:

    Thanks again Andy, I think thats all the questions (for now :D ) about the trolls, I’m gonna buy a few models and try to get some warhammer buddies of mine to start up as well. :)

  • Avatar Image drumcharry10p said 6 years, 6 months ago:

    Looking at Starting Trollbloods and never having played Hordes or Warmachine I’ll be looking at starting with figures i like so can these be moulded into a useable and useful force?

    Grim Angus or
    Dire Troll Mauler
    Kriel Warriors (Inlcuding Caber Tosser)

    I have read that Angus is good with shooty stuff and Jarl surprisingly works better with fighty stuff So I guess I will need to choose which units/beasts to but based on which caster I end up going for…or vice versa!