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Lots of Gargantuans Spoilers (10 posts)

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  • Avatar Image dais1253p said 5 years ago:

    There have been a few rumors of gargantuans rules popping up. I am only compiling what I find elsewhere, and do not have any inside information myself. I will stress these are RUMORS, they are not guaranteed to be accurate and may be the result of internet trolling. I will try to remove anything that has been debunked, but take everything with a few grains of salt.

    There was some blurb regarding a new griffin light for circle with the ability to trample over any base size and even obstacles. This trample is at P+S not S. It takes no free strikes from trampling. It has amuck as an animus. This one seems bonkers if true.

    The new Satyr is 9 points with a self-only bulldoze animus, three po16 attacks, smash & grab, hard head, and aggressive.

    Tharn blood pack are 7/10 mat 7, with rat 6, rng 12, pow 13 bows. They have tree walker, assault and battery, and heart eater. Their melee weapons are pow 11.

    eMorvahna has some sort of rule that allows her to heal when models die in her control area. Presumably this is friendly warrior models, but it is unconfirmed. Her feat was spoiled officially on bell of lost souls. Her spells are Carnivore, Purification, death knell, fog of war, and sunder spirit. Her melee weapon has life trader and the mount has knockdown and a 1 inch push. She has an ability that causes her d3 damage but allows a friendly faction warrior to reroll attack and/or damage rolls -the wording is vague. She is very good if the rumors are accurate.

    A universal 1 point weapon attachment for trolls like retribution’s souless escort is said to have the same spells as the minion, Lanyssa Ryssyl and the ability to remove an enemy upkeep from his unit.

    A 2 point troll fenblade solo with hard, unyielding, righteous vengeance, commander, and two pow13 reach attacks.

    the night troll light warbeast is rumored to be 5 points, has eyeless sight, stealth, an animus that requires enemy warrior models within 5 inches to advance directly toward it, man eater, and two pow 12 claws that have paralysis, reducing a living target’s def to 5.

    Trollkin warders are a 5/8 heavy infantry unit with 8 hp each. Spd 4, pow10 weaponmaster melee attacks, 12/17 defensive stats, and battle driven.

    The hunters grimm spell list includes pursuit, mirage, mage sight, and mortality (cost 2, range 10 offensive upkeep enfeebling enemy def and arm by 2 each). The Pygs with grim grant reform and circular vision, have rat 6, and have a blunderbuss and grim’s old snare gun. feat can be found on BoLS. One of the pygs has an ability to place a 5″ aoe in base contact with himself that deals a pow 10 to enemy non-flying/incorporeal living and undead models that enter or end in it. Grim’s gun has the same blood lure ability as PLylith’s bow it seems, granting free charges to his warbeasts when he hits with it. +4 beasts points with rat 8 and defensive stats of 16/15

    Skorne reptile hounds are 2 point lessers with pow 8 melee, flank with other hounds, and slaughterhouse as an animus.

    Despoiler, Mordikaar’s character rhinodon seems to have an affinity that grants him dark shroud and is said to have arcane suppression as an animus, an ability to spawn a void spirit from a destroyed warrior model in melee once per turn, and grants a free upkeep to his controlling warlock. One source said his tail has critical brutal damage and that he is mat 6. 10 points.

    Makeda 3 has a spell list including: vortex of destruction, sunhammer, eliminator
    She can cast a fury3 or lower spell when she kills a model in melee.
    Her feat, like the other warlocks sans Midas, was spoiled on Bell of Lost Souls.
    She has some form of battle driven
    Her ancestral guardians can shield guard her (unknown if it is only her or anything nearby)

    Legion is getting a nephilim seer light beast with the same animus-casting ability as skorne’s cyclops shaman. His animus is currently unknown. He is said to have a passive ability called telemetry, an effect similar to mark the target except for magic attacks rather than ranged attacks. cmd 8, 5 points.

    There is a rumored lesser warlock in legion for 3 points that can only take lesser warbeasts. It has fury 4, flank with lesser warbeasts, and grants free charges to warbeasts it controls. It’s spells are energizer and blood rain.

    Minions were said to get only a few releases, which contradicts statements at lock and load 2012.

    The swamp shamblers are seemingly very similar to pAlexia.

    The gobber mechanic we saw the sculpt for recently is said to be able to repair (skill 8 ) warjacks and battle engines and will work for cygnar and khador along with unmentioned hordes factions. They have a rat4 range 8 gun with pow 10. This seems like an odd fit, but I suppose it helps the serviceable rule on battle engines make sense. They are fa2 1 point solos (mercenaries rejoice!)

    Midas’ feat, pet cemetery, allows him to spend any amount of fury to bring back warbeasts as undead models in his battlegroup. The beasts have health equal to the fury spent plus one in each branch. beasts still alive get the heal without the base thee health as well. The newly revived beasts come back within 3″ of him and have some unmentioned activation restrictions.
    He is fury 6.
    He has tarterus’s curse but with bone grinders as the named unit.
    spell list includes:bad blood, calamaty, battle lust, and hex blast
    He gets bone tokens, which may be traded for fury at the beginning of his turn, for each warbeast that dies in his control area.
    when he kills a beast in melee he can cast a fury3 or less spell or the slain beast’s animus. He has pow13 and dismember, so killing a beast is not out of the question for him.

    Oh, also a warmachine spoiler for the tempest blazers.
    SPD 9, RAT 7, DEF 15, ARM 13, 5 Wounds
    Magelock Pistol – RNG 10″, ROF 1, POW 10
    Attack types: Brutal Shot, Blessed, Electro-Leap

    Edit. Confirmed stats are in posts below.

    Below is a link to my old painting log. It is not up to date but it has a lot of my older painted stuff.
  • Avatar Image mrchom93p said 5 years ago:

    There’s an awful lot of “….what?” In here. If even 10% of it is true then Gargantuans is a real game changer for Hordes on multiple levels.

  • Avatar Image kevin76203p said 5 years ago:

    Wow Skorne seems to have won this book like a Boss. Trolls didnt seem to expand or go anywhere again which is odd (even if it does my heart a kindness). Just seems odd that Skorne got THAT much of a push they were never that bad.

    Proud WM/H Merc and Khador player and Press Ganger for Kent and Table Top Nation

    Pod-whore for Flock and Awe

  • Avatar Image kevin76203p said 5 years ago:

    Well here’s a collection of bits I’ve seen/heard/rumours to add to the list:



    Don’t have a full statline yet, but SPD 8, 15/15, 16 boxes

    -Regains one health each time a friendly living model is destroyed in her control area
    -Can take d3 damage to allow a friendly model to reroll an attack or damage roll, each roll can only be rerolled once
    -Life Trader on her sword
    -Ram on the mount
    Spell list:

    Sunder Spirit
    Death Knell
    Fog of War

    Feat: Take a point of damage, return a living warrior model to play in her control area. That model has to sacrifice its action.

    New Satyr:
    -9 points
    -MAT 6
    -3 POW 16 attacks
    -Smash and Grab
    -Animus: Bulldoze (self)

    New Griffon:
    -5 points
    -MAT 6
    -Can trample over -any- base size, obstructions, etc. and can’t be targeted by any free strikes while trampling
    -POW 12 trample
    -Animus Amuck
    -Wings (duh)

    Tharn Blood Pack:
    -MAT 7 RAT 6
    -Tree Walker, Heart Eater, Assault and Battery
    -RNG 12 POW 13 bow/11 melee

    Then the Woldwrath, and Warpborn Alpha.


    Lylyth3: Google Image Search, son

    Nephilim Bloodseer:

    -Primal Magic (see: Cyclops Shaman), CMD 8
    -Telemetry: When targeting a model within 5″ of the Bloodseer with a magic attack, models get +2 on magic attack rolls (something like that?)
    -Animus: Witch Blight (apparently very close to Arcane Suppression – doubles spellcasting cost and upkeep cost)
    -Some kind of lightning staff gun thing

    Lesser Warlock:

    -Fury 4
    -Energizer and Blood Rain (See: Nemo, pSkarre)
    -Field Marshal: Aggressive for Lessers in its battlegroup
    -Flank: Lesser warbeasts in its battlegroup
    -Can only take lesser warbeasts

    Check War Room for: Warspear UA, Archangel, Afflictor


    -Fury 6
    -Curse: Bone Grinders (see: Bane Lord Tartarus)
    -Butchery: When a living warbeast croaks in his control area, he gets tokens he can turn into Fury during his activation. Only 3 can be turned into Fury a turn, he can have any number of tokens at a time.
    -Blood Boon: See pVlad, apparently like half the casters in this book, can also cast animi of beasts he shanks apparently
    -POW 13 MAT 6
    -Spell list: Bad Blood (pThag/pLylyth), Hex Blast(lots of people), Calamity(one of the Magnuses/pGrissel I think), Battle Lust(pIrusk)
    -Feat: Pet Cemetary. Spend any amount of Fury to return that number of dead warbeasts to play. They become undead, one box in each aspect, and all warbeasts (including living ones) heal one box for each Fury spent during the Feat. There are unnamed restrictions regarding which beasts can activate, etc.


    -Death Magic on the Bokur(see pAlexia)
    -Trogs are 10/13, SPD 5, MAT 5, POW 8, no inherent way to increase it
    -Some other RNG 3 spell
    -CMD 8 Bokur

    Gobber guy:

    -PC 1, FA2
    -Can be taken by all Hordes factions (apparently), Khador, and Cygnar
    -Repair 8
    -Can’t repair the Woldwrath, don’t ask
    -RNG 8 POW 10 RAT 4 gun

    See War Room for Rask, Razor Boars. Yes, this means there are only 5 Minion entries, sorry boys and girls.



    -DEF 15/ARM 17
    -Battle Driven
    -POW 15 sword(unclear if it’s before or after Battle Driven)
    -Blood Boon (yes)
    -The Ancestral Guardian ladies have Shield Guard
    -Spell List: Sunhammer (Mohsar), Eliminator (Butcher2 I think), Ground Zero(Karchev, Durgen), Vortex of Destruction(Ravyn)
    -Feat: Dance of Death – When a model in Makeda’s battlegroup destroys one or more enemy models in her control area with an attack, either Makeda can gain 1 fury point or 1 fury point can be removed from a model in her battlegroup in her control area. Dance of Death lasts for one turn. (copied from BoLS, don’t hit me PP)


    -Character Rhinodon
    -PC 10
    -MAT 6
    -”still a Rhinodon” as far as hitting power
    -Affinity: Moridkaar: Gains Dark Shroud
    -When you kill a living warrior model, once per turn you can turn it into a Void Spirit
    -Eyeless Sight
    -Controlling warlock can upkeep a spell for free
    -Critical Brutal Damage on the tail
    -Animus: Arcane Suppression (see Woldwyrd)

    Reptile Hounds:
    -PC 2, FA U
    -Flank: Other Reptile Hounds
    -POW 8, MAT 5
    -13/13 with 13 boxes
    -Animus: Slaughterhouse (see Scythean)

    Incendiarii: Their spoilers are out there somewhere but I can’t find them right now and it’s too late to go digging, sorry.

    See War Room for all your Mammoth and Willbreaker needs


    The Hunters Grim:

    -Most stats stay the same
    -one of the Pygs has a blunderbuss, the other has the net gun that all work the same. One grants Reform, one grants Circular Vision
    -The trapper Pyg has * Action: Trapper – Place a 5″ AoE touching this models base. Living and Undead models entering or ending their movement suffer a POW 10. If the model is damaged it is Knocked Down. Flying and Incorp models do not suffer from Trapper.
    -Grim has Head Hunter (beasts charge for free on hit)
    -Spell List: Mirage (see Garryth or whoever), Mage Sight (Kraye I think), Mortality (Cost 2 RNG 10, upkeep, target suffers -2 DEF, -2 ARM, cannot be healed), Pursuit (Epic Denny, Kraye)
    -Feat: Friendly faction models get Snipe and Mark Target (see: Cygnar Rangers) in Grim’s CTRL area

    Night Troll Light Warbeast:

    -PC 4
    -MAT 5, POW 12
    -Claws have auto-paralysis(see Krea’s gun)
    -Eyeless Sight
    -Man Eater(see Snapjaw)
    -Animus: Beguile: Unclear exactly how it works, something along the lines of while within 5″ warrior models must advance directly towards it

    -SPD 4, DEF 12 ARM 17
    -Battle Driven(see Vengers)
    -POW 10 Weaponmasters

    Fennblade Kithkar:

    -+1 MAT +1 ARM over Fennblades (7/15 respectively I believe)
    -Hard (see Fennblades, appropriately enough)
    -Righteous Vengeance (Fire of Salvation I think)
    -2xPOW 13 attacks with Reach

    Troll Sorcerer Guy:

    -Disbinding (see Soulless Escort)
    -Winter Storm, Frost Bolt (see Lanyssa Rysell)

    See War Room if you have any Mountain King related questions.

    Overall very interesting rather than each faction getting the same one got a character beast, another a lesser warlock, another a weapon attachment and the last got a heavy and light plus both sides of the Minions look like they got great love. Plus also heard the fluff is great too.

  • Avatar Image kevin76203p said 5 years ago:

    If you can read these enjoy:

  • Avatar Image dawnpatrolchapter410p said 5 years ago:

    Just got the book tonite as a trollblood player not really pumped…

    The fenblade champion looks promising but that’s all I see at first glance

    I was hoping for a bigger boost

  • Avatar Image dais1253p said 5 years ago:

    Trolls players are a little let down by this book in general but I think they managed okay. You got a combined arms caster that falls right in the middle of the pack, a light with some useful tech, a very good combat solo, and the sorcerer. I believe the warders and mountain king have potential in specialty lists, but I know it is a bummer to get a gargantuan that is a fringe model. You also technically got a way to give your battle engine staying power against piecemeal shooting, so that may become significant knowing how trolls love to outlast the opposition.

  • Avatar Image kevin76203p said 5 years ago:

    Well I think the issue isn’t trolls got left down as all their stuff ( even the mountain king) is good solid stuff but they didnt get any “wow” stuff like others did.

    The 2pt solo is great (as know many troll players have issues in the 2pt area, the MK is mega tough to kill, Grim 2 is a great combine arms lock etc.

    It’s just no real jems in there like the Mammoth or the Bloodseer or Rask.

    Trust me trolls got some good tech and can hold their own.

  • Avatar Image dawnpatrolchapter410p said 5 years ago:

    As stated not really pumped over this book, I feel they should of received more. Granted I am also always looking for anything to make my army choices stronger.

    My cryx made out better I think but-” Hey I still love the trollbloods”, its a fun faction to play. I love watching the guy I’m playing against working his butt off to wipe out my models, just to have me make a tough roll :)

  • Avatar Image dais1253p said 5 years ago:

    I was talking to a friend about some of the latest releases and he and I came to the same agreement on the warders: If their unit was sized at 4 and 6 rather than 3 and 5 they would be a terrific unit rather than the afterthought they are now. They can be an okay tarpit as they are now but they have a hard time competing with other units in the faction. I’m not really sure why PP is fixated on that 3-5 size for heavy infantry in every faction other than Skorne, but there are some times when the 4-6 size would make a world of difference for a unit.