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Infinity Monthly Painting Challenge: July 2015 (80 posts)

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  • Avatar Image fullmetalvoiddragon22p said 2 years, 7 months ago:

    Alright lads the July painting challenge will come to an end this Friday so if any of ye are still in it, get it done soon. Still most of a week left!

    I had a pretty productive Sunday afternoon and finished painting my ninja army. Just the base to do but I will do that separately as a different project. Having a deadline does wonders for my painting motivation!

    Also I will collate all the photos of all the participants that finish in one place and post them up. So can everyone please send me either copies of the photos of their finished models or a link to their photos on the internet please? I say 2 photos would do it.

    You can reach me via PM here or through my hobby email:



  • Avatar Image seldon91831p said 2 years, 7 months ago:

    This is going to be tight. Is there any preferred size on pictures? Presuming I get this done on time I don’t want to kill people’s mobile bandwidth.

  • Avatar Image fullmetalvoiddragon22p said 2 years, 7 months ago:

    @seldon: standard pic size is fine. Just nothing super HD!

    If u have an online album like photobucket or something it would be easier as I can just link the pic using url.

  • Avatar Image bazleebub93p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Signing off!
    Completing these three finishes up the JSA starter set I had.

    Knowing I needed something to post was definitely a help in keeping motivated to get it done. The JSA + Haqqislam should be enough to get some pretty demo games going.

    The full album

  • Avatar Image williamwidrick50p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Nice minis all. I have a crap ton of Infinity to paint so will be joining you for August I think. I did get 8 painted this month and 5 more finished up with scenic bases. So did fairly well, not a big dent but a dent nonetheless. Can’t paint as well as you all but I stay in the lines pretty good. Thanks to all for sharing.

    You add an agreeable sense of macabre to any delusion.
  • Avatar Image seldon91831p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Well done @bazleebub. I think the Keisotsu reaching for their sword is my favourite of your units. Nice highlighting on the baggy trousers as well.

  • Avatar Image rollsk194p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Great work on the JSA!
    I wonder if I might be able top partce of agusts challenge?^^

  • Avatar Image dropship138p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    @bazleebub Grats on a target well hit mate, love the freehand markings on the Domaru! :-)

  • Avatar Image rasmus4554p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Sorry ’bout the photo quality (and the painting quality) only had a tablet to take them

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    Warrens personal Viking Henchman
  • Avatar Image fullmetalvoiddragon22p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Hey guys final reminder: tomorrow is the end of July’s painting challenge!

    So get your photos to me or post it here soon. I will collate and post them up over the weekend.

    I think I might create a google doc as well for our goal for August challenge. Everyone can then just edit the document for what they want to paint for next month.

    Well done to all who met their challenge!

    On a side note I sprayed some matt varnish on my models to protect them and now they are looking very dull and grainy. Not happy with the results :(

  • Avatar Image cazboab1645p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Great work for the first month, need to keep this momentum up, though I have a fealing next month’s entries will be dependent on pre-ordered USAriadna for a few of us, or I’ll just post a bunch of the terrain and scenery I’m making to play the ITS missions with…

    Matt varnish has buggered enough models for me over the years I’ve given up using it as anything other than a fixative for flock and print outs, I just accept that minis chip and need maintenance paintwork every so often.

  • Avatar Image seldon91831p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Ok I’ve finally got something to post. I haven’t based the minis yet ‘cos I haven’t varnished them so apologies for the posing of the photos.

    Great job @rasmus, cracking bases!

    Crap news on the varnish front @fullmetalvoiddragon. I’d be sodding gutted if that happened. Still we’re our own harshest critics so maybe the rest of us will think better of your work.

  • Avatar Image marine101103p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Well I finished up just in time. Not sure how the pics will do. Off to GenCon.

  • Avatar Image dropship138p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    @seldon9 , @rasmus Look awesome guys, good job.

    @fullmetalvoiddragon Sam, sorry to hear about the issues with the matt varnish. There are a few things you can try to resolve. Try placing the minis under a warm lamp for a while (warm enough to get some residual heat, but not so warm they get hot or touch) Alternatively use a hair dryer to gently re-warm the varnish. This often helps reduce the frosting which is caused by too much humidity when you applied it (I’m assuming you used a spray can?)

    If you follow the tip above and then give it another light coat of matt that should sort it out for you without needing to remove it or anything.

    A few general tips about applying varnish which hopefully may help you guys out:

    #1 Matt varnish won’t do much to protect your mini from handling. It’s better to give it one or two light coats of gloss first which is a lot tougher. It’s better to apply as 2-3 light coats than 1 heavy one. Let the varnish dry between coats and leave overnight after the last coat to fully cure. This will also give you a good level base for the matt. When you apply gloss varnish your mini will immediately look darker and less vibrant (Important: Don’t Panic!), this is normal and is down to light being reflected back off the surface of the varnish.

    #2 Avoid using cans of spray matt varnish; there are just too many variables that you have no control over such as mix, gas pressure (volume), humidity, wind direction, temperature. A simple brush on varnish will actually serve you better as you will have much more control over it. For one you can test a bit out on the base edge first to ensure you are happy.

    #3 If using a brush on varnish (or with an airbrush) thin it with a little clean water just like you would a paint. It will go on smoother and you can always apply more thin layers to reduce the shine of the gloss. It’s at this stage you will see your colours and luminosity come back (see, I said not to panic :-) )

    #4 When you have a nice matt figure again re-apply thinned gloss with a brush to any areas you want to ‘pop’ like lenses or screen. It adds a really nice finishing touch.

    All of the finished miniatures on my blog have at least 3 coats of gloss and 1 coat of matt and hopefully you can see it’s nothing that you should worry about applying.
    A few varnishes I use that you may find helpful are:

    Gloss: Vallejo or Army Painter are good, even GW ‘Ardcoat’ if thinned a little. For best if you can get hold of it an Acrylic floor varnish like Johnson’s Pledge All-Purpose (formerly known as Klear or Futures in the US). Its about three quid a large bottle in ASDA. Don’t worry if it looks milky and smells nice, when dry it goes perfectly clear, it’s water based (acrylic) and it has fantastic self levelling.

    Matt: I use Army Painter anti-shine through the airbrush as a 60/40 mix Varnish/Vallejo Thinner. I also use for brush on either the Army Painter or artists acrylic matt varnish like Windsor & Newton Galleria.

    Super Gloss: For those high impact glass effects I use Windsor & Newton acrylic gloss artists acrylic. Some people also use water effects; its more of a clear resin than a paint, but it’s very effective.

    I hope the above helps guys, varnishing really shouldn’t be something to be feared but the final step that helps not only protect all your hard work, but help pull it all together.


  • Avatar Image fullmetalvoiddragon22p said 2 years, 6 months ago:

    Wow great advice guys!

    Carl I will give your advice a go sometime down the line when I re-varnish all my units together I think.

    Ok guys anyone else still finishing their July challenge? I will cut off at mid night tonight!